The Task Library

This page is the web counterpart of our 1,000 Tasks Library, a collection of tasks we have documented over the years to enable anyone to jump on a task quickly.

The tasks listed on this page are related to the Content Factory. Here, you will find resources to help you learn how to execute tasks that fall into three of the four stages of the Content Factory: Process, Post, and Promote.


How to use AI to generate content for improved SEO ranking

The Content Factory

We're moving towards the "Uber" marketing model via the Content Factory. It is a two-sided marketplace where if we use Uber speak, we have drivers and riders who don't need to have regular discussions about cars to be able to get from point A to point B.They can jump on a task without any interaction with a client.
It is a pay-per-task model where VAs who qualify and get certified through our training can do a particular task assigned to them to complete.These tasks are checklist-driven activities executed by virtual assistants (VAs) and are due on a specific date.