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How To Start A Business With Limited Or Zero (0) Budget

When you’re tired of being a corporate slave, oftentimes your mind wanders off and imagine things like, “What if I’ll start a business of my own out of unread spam letters?” So, what keeps them from obtaining their goals? One of the hardest obstacles for any new entrepreneurs (or veterans of the game) is having a limited budget. It’s that …

How To Tell Successful Stories Of Customers

I’m using these words interchangeably– funnel, offer, campaign, high ticket, landing page– since any time we want to sell something, product, or service, we need to have social proof. Not just because it’s ethical to make sure we’re not selling something we’ve not done before (#LDT– learn, do, teach), but because social proof is critical to driving conversions. We know …

How Much Should Agencies Charge for a Reputation Management Package?

This is the best way to approach a RepMan (reputation management) package. First look at the number of negative results, the power of the negative results, and how many results there are for that person’s name or company name: We want to figure out how much effort it will be to push these all past the first page on this …

BlitzMetrics Operations Tracker

This document shows an overview of the business operations of the company. The Operations Tracker shows many things including a diagram of the content of the Team Roster. Queue Process

BC- Basecamp

An online collaboration app that lets people manage their work together and communicate with one another. With built-in email integration features, now your team can send messages, post to-do lists with files and texts documents only by using an email. How cool is that? Projects You can organize projects into different categories and assign them to your team.

4 Secret Words To Communicate Well

Whenever a salesperson engages in communication, it takes skill, practice, and using these four secret words to be able to convey what they mean. Consider applying the RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) for any particular task in question in order to communicate effectively. To be effective at communicating means you’ll be effective at iterating and delegating. Don’t let …

FH – Fancy Hands

A website we sometimes use for tasks that don’t need an in-depth understanding of our business. There are two types of requests, Standard v Live. Standard Requests are requests where the assistant responds within 24 hours, while Live requests are requests where the assistant responds to you in an instant.

How To Rank in Top 3 On Google My Business

Most local merchants get 90% of their clients from Google My Business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, doctor, real estate agent, lawyer, or anything else… the majority of your business is coming from Google. Why? Because 86% of searches are being done on Google. People want to make decisions fast, and for that they need information. Well, GMB …