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Over the past seven years, we have hired several virtual assistants who have become long-term team members at the Content Factory. We have also helped our partners secure high-quality virtual assistants using our proven hiring process. Our mission is to create a million jobs.

How to Become our Virtual Assitant

If you're interested in becoming our Virtual Assistant, consider the following:

1. Begin by completing the Level 1 training for virtual assistants, followed by completing the Level 1 Virtual Assistant Course and then take the quiz at the end. Familiarity with what we do increases your chances of being hired at BlitzMetrics.

2. Do you have strong attention to detail? Are you an active listener who can follow directions accurately? We seek A-players who are reliable and can work independently without constant supervision. This requires you to QA your own work effectively.

3. We hire only full-time, since becoming a pro at digital marketing is not a part time or freelance gig.

While we offer training opportunities to everyone, not all are cut out to be A-players. Most people enter our programs with no skills or experience, so their ability to learn and follow directions is essential for success.

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Share Your Story

Are you Googleable? Tell us more about yourself and your experiences. We're interested in learning about your achievements, interests, and passions that make you stand out online. Share your story and make a lasting impression!

Two Roles of Virtual Assistants


To be hired, you must demonstrate excellent English comprehension and writing skills. These skills are essential for:

  • Processing our videos
  • Using ChatGPT as an assistant, not as a replacement

All VAs we hire start as Content Specialists and can advance to additional roles after proving (not just claiming) they have what it takes to perform specific tasks.

1. Content Specialist

You can qualify to join our team as a content specialist VA, if you demonstrate proficiency in any of the following five tasks.

  1. Turning a long form video into an article
  2. Setting up digital plumbing
  3. Tuning up a WordPress site
  4. Run targeted ads
  5. Doing a live audit (as we demonstrate)

    The more tasks you can do, the more you can make-- moving up into Operations:

2. Operations Specialist

  • Onboard new clients and specialists.
  • Handles packages and billing via Infusionsoft.
  • Follow up on dropped items.
  • Schedule meetings, including reminders.
  • Update Operations Process

What are the responsibilities of the Operations team?

  • Client Based Operations
  • Internal Operations
  • Daily Tasks

Customer/Client/Project Onboarding Process

  • Basecamp Project Set-Up
  • GCT Assessment #GCT
  • Access Checklist #ACL
  • RACI – Project Management
  • BlitzNation Membership On-Boarding
  • Scheduling of Meetings/Power Hours
  • Academy Course Automation

Internal Operations

  • On-boarding Specialists/VA's
  • De-boarding Specialists/VA's
  • Task Follow-Ups
  • BlitzGifts
  • Community Management
  • Workshop Fulfillments
  • Conference Fulfillments
  • Hiring Specialists/VA's
  • Automated and Manual Processes, and Systems Maintenance
  • Infusionsoft Tasks

Daily Tasks

  • Responding to leads, customers, specialists, VA's, partners, anyone who emails Operations.
  • Qualifying Clients
  • Team Roster Updates
  • Project Tracker Updates
  • Internal Guide Updates
  • TimeCamp Follow-Ups
  • Guides/Courses Updates (QA, nudges, fixes, etc)
  • Managing Public Figure Pages

What You Do:
Operations play a critical part in any business since it handles the successful delivery of products and services. Part of what we do is to make sure that we are able to deliver the services to our clients - this includes responding to client inquiries, providing support on client projects, and light project management in course and guide production. We work and support our onshore team to make sure that our clients get the best service or product that we can offer.

Ready to Grow with Us and Learn our Process?

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