What Is Expected From You


  • Do your best to be reliable. Know what your job is, and do it well. Don't wait for other people to tell you what to do.
  • Reach inbox zero every day. You should, as a goal, clean out your inbox daily. You won't have a problem doing that if you practice this every day so that emails don't pile up.
  • Be a shining example of responsiveness. Good communication skills don't just mean your English skills are top-notch. It also means being responsive. Don't wait for your attention to be called. Provide regular updates, and respond to a message within 24 hours if not immediately.
  • Practice #RACI at all times. We work as a team. We should reflect an awareness of that in our communication.
  • Practice active listening at all times. It's one thing to say you understand, but do you really understand? Show the other person that you understand by demonstrating it in your reply.
  • Inform your team lead if you are going to be absent, not after your absence. If you will be away for a day or two, let the team know so that someone else can cover for you while you're gone.
  • Show the team that you're resourceful. Know how to find stuff in our resources. For example, it is most likely that we already have a web page on our website, a video in our YouTube Studio, or a resource in our Google Drive to help you if you are stuck with a task. Before asking questions, research first.
  • Offer a solution when reporting a problem. Don't expect other people to solve problems for you. Be proactive. Learn how to fix things.
  • Follow the rules. No one is above the rules.
  • Meet deadlines at all times. Deadlines are not set just for the sake of it.
  • Be someone who solves problems. We're looking for problem solvers, not problem makers.
  • Be accountable for your mistakes. Don't hide. Instead, face the problem, and fix it.


  • Have other jobs while working for us. It's not that we don't want you to earn more. We only want people who can devote their time to us because we've seen it many times before when a team member tries to juggle two jobs. It never works. The person burns out, and the work suffers.
  • Send a message solely to Dennis. We never ever need to message Dennis directly. Whatever question you may have for Dennis, other people, such as the Operations Manager, can answer it as well. Refer to the #RACI article above to understand.
  • Mark your tasks as complete in Basecamp. Only Dennis and managers can mark tasks as complete.
  • Ping Dennis on Basecamp. Never use @ to get Dennis' attention. He sees all messages whether you ping him or not.
  • Attempt to work on any project if you don't know the client's Goals-Content-Targeting (GCT). It doesn't matter how good you are. If you don't know the client's goals, it's impossible to produce something that will be useful to the client. Refer to the #1 Mistake that VAs Make above to learn more.

How to manage your inbox

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Active Listening Explained

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