This Is Why Virtual Assistants on Our Team Shouldn’t Message Only Me

It’s not because I don’t want to be disturbed, contrary to what some of our virtual assistants (VAs) may think.

Have you ever received a message that left you wondering why it was sent only to you and nobody else? I get that all the time from our VAs, and it consumes 80% of my time, which could have gone to doing more important things.

If a VA sends a message only to me and no one else, then I’m assuming that the VA thinks I’m the only person who can answer a question or address an issue. That is almost always not true.

If you work in a team, you should learn how to work effectively as a team member.

In any form of team communication, there is always the person responsible, the person accountable, the person consulted, and the person to inform. It’s called #RACI, and it’s in our Level 1 training, which every new team member goes through.


It means that for every message, you can send it to a maximum of four people, but you don’t always have to send it to four people. However, there is almost never a reason to send it only to me.

Being the CEO, my team should inform me about what’s going on, so I’m the “I” in #RACI. They should copy me but never message me without including other people, so they should put my email address in the CC field.

When they include me in the loop, they should ensure it’s something that I need to know. I get thousands of messages a day. If VAs can help trim that down by not including me in trivial matters, that would be great!

I prefer not to be included in the loop, to be honest. I should only be copied when something has gone wrong, and I have to come to the rescue. I would love to see a time when I don’t have to do that anymore, and that will only happen once we get quality people in place.

Who should VAs message directly? Message the person responsible who has to act or make a decision, and always copy the person who is accountable and who should be informed.

It’s so simple, yet a lot of VAs continue to make the same mistake. My hope is that I will never have to send them to this post.

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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