This page offers a brief description of our program. For more information, you can download the full guide for free at the end of the page.

Content Factory University Program

‚ÄčAbout Content Factory University Program

Our program allows students to take online courses in various digital marketing disciplines, earn certifications, and test their newly gained skills while working in teams on a variety of projects.

The training is a combination of self-paced online instruction, mentorship from senior specialists, in-person seminars from Content Factory instructors, and an invitation to industry conferences. University partners enjoy a range of options: spanning from guest lectures (online or in-person, where possible) to shared curriculum, and full employment opportunities.

The Content Factory's core mission focuses on education and job creation while reinvesting every dollar back into the program. Enlightened clients buy implementation packages that tie directly to the student-earned certifications. This allows us to pay students in a tiered hourly pay scale that starts at $10/hour, moving up $5/hour for each level earned.

Industry partners such as Google, Facebook, Digital Marketer, Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft), and GoDaddy donate resources to the program, allowing us to offer it free of charge to students and universities.

90 Days to Profit

Students can learn digital fundamentals, build their digital presence, and even get a job as a Certified Digital Marketer.

Content Factory Supports Teachers, Students, and Businesses

What Options We Offer

1) One-hour live webinars

This can be done in person (where feasible) or online. The topic can be chosen from the list below, or it can be a custom topic.

2) Specialist Program

Students who wish to get paid working on client projects may qualify to become part of the team as part of the Digital Marketing Training System. 


Students who successfully complete the qualification sequence start as a Level 1 Specialist at $10/hour and advance based on skills and performance.

3) On-Campus Workshop or Keynote Address

We will waive the $7,500 speaking fee to bring Dennis Yu to come to speak with students on how to succeed in the world of digital marketing. 


Dennis Yu will share his experience as an executive at Yahoo!, building websites such as more than 20 years ago and where he predicts the internet is heading.

How Specialists and Virtual Assistants Work Together

We teach young adults management skills, as they learn how to work with and direct virtual assistants on their project teams. 

Being able to work in teams virtually is a critical skill for the modern-day workforce-- whether it be Zoom, email, Slack, Basecamp, and a variety of other communication and collaboration tools.


What we'll do for you

    • Content Factory Dashboard

    • All our Academy Courses

    • Lightweight Coaching from our Specialists

    • Our Private Facebook Group

    • Customize your own Academy

  • Technology partners with Digital Marketer, Social Media Examiner, Infusionsoft, and more!