How To Transcribe Pillar Content (Long-Form Video) Using Descript


Before you transcribe a video, learn how to log in to the Descript BlitzMetrics account. If you are a freelancer or just need help with getting access, you can view these access instructions and resources.

Qualifying Checklist

The list of items you need before you transcribe pillar content (long-form video).
    ❑ Password to’s Descript account.
    ❑ RAW file.

    Note: Email to get the password and the backup code.

Execution Checklist

The list of instructions to transcribe pillar content (long-form video).

  1. Verify that there is no transcription.
    a. If you are a freelancer or not a part of the internal team, skip this step.


An external company or individual recorded the pillar content such as a podcast, webinar, or interview.

Go to the web page where that video or audio lives to see if there is a transcription. Ask the external company or individual if they have transcribed the video or audio, with the Chief Executive Officer copied in the email.

The internal team has recorded the pillar content.

Check Basecamp, The Repurposing Tracker, Google Drive, or other places.

2. Open the Descript application and sign in with the username

If the Descript application only shows the screen recorder, click the Ellipsis Icon, then click Drive View.

3. Select the Overdub Drive.

4. Create New Project.

a. Click File.


b. Click New Project.

c. Name the file in the Untitled Project area.


The file is for a client.

Use the syntax Client’s Name - Video Title, (e.g. Conan O'brien - Caring For Your Pompadour, Aisa Jones - Dirt On Trial, Greg Perez - The Watcher).

The file is for a course, program, or presentation.

Use the syntax Course/Program/Presentation Name - Video Title, (e.g. Agency Management Program - 9 Triangles)

The file is for a package.

Use the syntax package name - video title, (e.g. Content Engine Package - Plumbing)

d. Choose Overdub Drive > Drive Workspace.

If you are not in the Overdub Drive or the Drive Workspace, you can navigate through the folders and drives by clicking the arrow icons.


e. Click Create Project.

5. Import the RAW video to Descript.
Sometimes, there will be a few pre-edited videos since we're working off of another video editor’s queue. If that’s the case, look and see if the subtitles and titles are correct. If so and nothing needs to be done, transcribe in descript and upload into the edits folder, link it here and we move on as if it were newly edited.
If you are in a situation where Descript has run out of transcription time or hours, go to Descript Transcription Troubleshooting.

a. Drag an audio or video file into the duplicate.


b. A window will appear that says your file is transcribing. Click the button to proceed.

c. Wait for your application to upload the file and wait for Descript to transcribe the video.

6. Review the transcript’s words that have blue underlines and correct them manually by right-clicking on each word, selecting Correct.
Sample Result

7. Once everything is corrected, go to File. Then, click Export. Then, click Text.