Content Factory Guide

Increase the influence and authority behind your personal brand.


You can "talk a book" much faster than you can write a book.

In fact, in one hour, you could "talk" a book that becomes an online course, too

The "Content Factory" is the ultimate method to get multiple assets out all at once-- repurposed across multiple channels.

Imagine how awesome it would be to finally get those social media posts, blog posts, and lead magnets out to grow your authority and your business.

We've got partners like @CustomerHub @heyjarvisai @DigitalMktr @WarrenWhitlock @OnlinejobsdotPH and @iamjankoch that are helping you build your own Content Factory.

It's not a single piece of software or an agency you can hire-- but a process that you customize to multiply your assets and get the most of your existing tools.

Are you ready to get your Content Factory going?

This course will teach you...

  • How to track social media mentions natively
  • How to respond to positive mentions
  • How to build a database of positive mentions/testimonials
  • Using 'Client Love' to thank people
  • How to connect with influential people/speakers