How to Edit 1 Minute Video with Existing Template via Descript

People are trading hours of their day scrolling through Facebook, so you have to gather every bit of attention you can get. The easiest way to get people's attention is through video, especially one-minute videos. No one is going to watch a three-minute video if they don’t know who you are. Attention spans on social channels are brief. The average watch time for a video on Facebook is only six seconds. You must learn to grab their attention quickly and pull them into the story you are trying to tell.

This guide will teach you how you can quickly edit a video using a pre-existing template in Descript, how to use Descript to quickly transcribe videos, and how to make small tweaks to the template. The expected video editing duration for videos in Descript is 15 minutes.


  • Descript Login credentials
  • Video File

Note: For access concerns, please email detailing what sites, tools, and materials you need access to.


  1. Go to your Lastpass Account and Launch Descript.

  2. Download the Descript App from the Upper side of the Panel.

  3. Run the Descript App and go to templates by going to the search bar “Templates” and there, you will see all the templates that we have in several aspect ratio.

  4. Open templates and find the template that you wish to copy.

    4.1. If the video is vertical, use aspect ratio 9:1
    4.2. If the video is square, use aspect ratio 1:1
    4.3. If the video is horizontal, use aspect ratio 16:9
    4.4. If the video is portrait, use aspect ratio 4:5

  5. Right-click and duplicate the template that you're wanting to add.
    Do not edit the original template.

  6. Rename the duplicate file.

  7. Every object in the preview window is editable.

    7.1 For text editing, just click on the text to replace
    7.2 For attributes like font size, color, shadow setter, use the panel on the right.

    7.3 To add images, texts, voiceovers, whatever you need, use the dropdown arrow next to the plus sign at the top.

    7.4 To add a video, simply drag your video from your folder.

    7.5 Once it is finished transcribing the text will automatically update.


  1. To edit a word, highlight the word that you want to edit and then hit E on your keyboard. From there just type in or correct the word that you want to edit.
  2. To remove filler words, you can just stick on the wrench here and then click on “Remove filler words”.

    Here is the Video Guide: