Welcome, New Team Member!

We want you to have a great start, so please go through everything and don't skip anything. The rules are put in place to protect you, not to hinder your growth. We want to help you advance in a safe environment.

Please note that the terms freelancer and virtual assistant mean the same thing to us, so we might use one or the other in our assets. Please don't get confused when you encounter these terms.

What You Need To Know as a New Team Member

  1. You are on this page because you were onboarded. Now, you are a member of the Content Factory team.
  2. You are under probation for one month. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the following:
    • You are reliable: It means we don't have to chase after you. You are getting things done and proactive in reporting your progress.
    • You have excellent communication skills: It means being responsive and being able to demonstrate active listening skills (see below).
    • You can work in a team: It means you are able to follow the rules and practice RACI at all times.
    • You are coachable: You should learn to accept feedback and improve.
    • You are able to do basic optimization (MAA): Being able to analyze and make recommendations is a highly desirable skill.
    • You are able to demonstrate active listening: Active listening means understanding the true meaning of a message and demonstrating that understanding through thoughtful responses.
    • You can follow instructions: This is also part of active listening. You need to pay attention to details.
    • You are resourceful: Do not rely on other people to solve your problems at work. Learn to find stuff to help you resolve issues.
    • You are proactive: You know your role and what you have to do.
  3. You are a Level 1 Virtual Assistant (VA). Regardless of your role, experience, or expertise, you are starting as a Level 1 VA. Everyone starts the same way, to be fair. You should not stay at Level 1 for more than a few weeks. Our goal is to help you advance through our leveling system as quickly as possible so that you can earn more money. We do that by providing you with the training and the opportunities to apply what you learn. In return, you should demonstrate competency to level up.
  4. You are requested to render 8 hours a day (40 hours a week). You will be paid based on the number of productive hours you render each week multiplied by your rate. This means delivering clear and measurable results, not just empty time.
  5. Your access to our assets will be limited. While you are still training, your access will be limited.:
    • You have "view only" access on Google Drive.
    • You can work on client projects only.
  6. You are requested to use the TimeCamp Desktop App to record time every time you are working. This is not optional.
  7. You can work on client projects when they are assigned to you. Please note that this is only applicable when you have gone through the required training.
  8. You are allowed to spend 30% of an 8-hour work shift on training, which you can bill. The condition is that you should be training on something related to a task you will be working on. If you bill more than the allowed training time per day, the excess time will not be paid.
  9. You are working as an independent contractor, not as an employee. As such, you are not entitled to benefits such as bonuses and paid leaves.
  10. All team members are enjoined to follow the rules and regulations. Refer to the Serious Offenses sheet to familiarize yourself with the rules. It is also in the contractor agreement that you signed.
  11. When you have questions or just need support, contact operations.
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