Welcome Freelancer!

Things I'm going to show you

The Task Library

The Task Library is a growing collection of step-by-step guides created to help other people learn how to do tasks in a systemized manner. If you want to learn how to do a task in the Content Factory, you should check here first.

How to Get Access

The Access Page will show you how you can request access to the various systems and places where we store media such as Google Photos and Dropbox.

How the Content Factory Works

We use the Content Factory to repurpose content, which then gets distributed to other channels. You need to get a good grasp of what the Content Factory is to understand what we're doing. Visit the How the Content Factory Works page to learn more.

How to Document a Task

We create guides for tasks that we’ve done ourselves and add them to the Task Library.  We explain each step involved so that others can learn how to do them easily. The How to Document a Task page will teach you how to create one.