The BlitzMetrics Content Micro Course

Ever get tired of hearing "Content is King"? It's true though. 

Our company is known for being good at Facebook Ads, but if the content sucks, there's only so much you can do.

We're Digital Marketers, not miracle-workers after all. 

There's a reason you're a entrepreneur, small business owner or marketer. We can't all have the creative chops to act in Hollywood, perform in Carnegie or have our art hung in museums. And that's okay! 

You don't HAVE to be a creative genius to have good content that will perform well on Social Platforms. 

Folks online are used to consuming content that is mostly "organic". Published by their friends and family. People telling stories and sharing their knowledge. 

You can do the same with your brand. 

This course walks you through how to structure your content so you can lead people from Know to Like to Trust. We've seen 1-in-10 pieces of content do well on Facebook. 

We'll teach you what cardinal sins to avoid and how to tell good stories that will lead customers from a first touch to a conversion. 

Let's get started! For just $25 you get access to this video-course that will walk you through the process for creating good content. You'll also get access to our BlitzMetrics Academy group online where you can receive additional support.