Danny Leibrandt: Empowering Home Service Businesses Through Quick Audits

The Coach Yu show is where we bring you the latest insights and expert guests to help you excel in your business endeavors. In our recent episode, we had the pleasure of hosting a special guest, Danny Leibrandt, the CEO of Full Funnels, a digital marketing agency specializing in serving home service businesses.

Empowering Local Service Home Businesses: Danny Leibrandt’s Journey

Danny embarked on a transformative journey to uplift local service home businesses. Inspired by his father’s struggles with his flooring business, which had been running for two decades without significant success, Danny felt compelled to unravel the underlying reasons behind the challenges faced by his father and others in similar industries.

Taking matters into his own hands, Danny delved into the intricacies of digital marketing, starting with a thorough evaluation of his father’s website, SEO efforts, and Google Business Profile. The deficiencies became evident as he discovered the lack of visibility and poor rankings for essential keywords and other vital SEO aspects.

Determined to drive more traffic and boost his father’s business, Danny dedicated himself to mastering the art of SEO and social media marketing. Through his efforts, he aimed to increase online visibility and generate a steady stream of leads for not only his father but also his father’s friends who encountered similar marketing challenges in their own local service businesses.

As Danny extended his assistance to his father’s friends, he recognized a pervasive issue affecting numerous local service home businesses. Many had fallen victim to ineffective marketing agencies, leaving them with dashed hopes and financial setbacks. This realization fueled Danny’s determination to make a difference on a larger scale, reaching out to all local service home businesses in need of support.

Danny’s mission became clear—to empower local service home businesses by driving more traffic, generating valuable leads, and ultimately acquiring more clients. By leveraging his knowledge and expertise in SEO and social media marketing, he aimed to revolutionize their digital presence and provide them with the tools necessary for sustainable growth.

With an unwavering commitment to transparency and genuine results, Danny set out to eradicate the challenges faced by local service home businesses. His dedication stemmed from a deep understanding that these businesses form the backbone of communities, providing essential services that shape the lives of individuals and families.

Danny’s journey continues as he relentlessly pursues his vision of helping local service home businesses thrive. Through his company, Full Funnels, he seeks to equip these businesses with the necessary strategies and insights to navigate the digital landscape successfully.

By collaborating closely with clients, Danny tailors his approach to their specific needs, ensuring each business receives a personalized roadmap for success. Through data-driven solutions, proven frameworks, and a commitment to excellence, Danny aims to provide transformative results that drive tangible business growth.

Danny Leibrandt’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. By empowering local service home businesses, he envisions a future where these businesses flourish, serve their communities, and achieve their full potential.

What Your Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know

Recently, Danny and I have witnessed a concerning trend: numerous broken home service businesses struggling to thrive.

Together, we have conducted comprehensive audits, delivered insightful presentations at conferences, and even trained other agencies—the very entities you might be entrusting with your hard-earned money. Our goal today is to shed light on essential aspects that every home service business owner should be aware of.

Let’s dive into the first eye-opening revelation: clear standards. Often, digital marketing is regarded as a mystical art akin to witchcraft or voodoo. However, we firmly believe that by establishing a definitive guide, we can demystify this realm. For instance, I had the privilege of being endorsed and supported by TikTok for expertise in TikTok ads. The book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, recognized as the number one in marketing and public relations, offers invaluable insights, the number one book on Facebook Ads that sold 80,000 copies, and delves into the optimization techniques of our renowned “Dollar A Day” strategy. Furthermore, we have also authored the number one book for professors on effective public relations.

Danny Leibrandt
Danny Leibrandt
Danny Leibrandt

Embracing a clear standard sets the bar for accountability. Your agency should transparently share its methodologies, aligning them with the established standards and providing comprehensive analytics to track progress. Unfortunately, the majority of agencies, knowingly or unknowingly, fall into the deceptive category of scams.

Empowering Home Service Businesses Through Data-Driven Analytics

In the realm of digital marketing agencies, a disconcerting reality prevails: many agencies fail to harness the power of data and analytics. When you delve into the depths of your Google Analytics account, or leverage tools like ATFs, a data tracker, a wealth of crucial information emerges. This includes the number of keywords you rank for, the volume of clicks you receive, and various other metrics that hold the key to optimizing your performance.

Recently, we conducted an audit for a client who was shelling out a staggering $12,000 per month for SEO services. The agency responsible vehemently proclaimed their efforts, but when asked to provide evidence, they hesitated and withheld the requested information. Undeterred, we utilized our own tools to delve into the data, unearthing the truth. We examined the client’s keyword rankings, website traffic, competitor analysis, and map rankings and even uncovered malicious spam links, including a dubious attempt by an unidentified competitor to tarnish their online presence through the purchase of porn links.

This eye-opening experience highlights the importance of understanding SEO tools and utilizing platforms such as Google Search Console, a free tool offered by Google that seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics. It begs the question: How would a home service business navigate this intricate web of data and insights without the necessary expertise?

Fortunately, we offer a straightforward audit process that demystifies the complexities and empowers businesses to take control. Our quick audit examines every facet of your website, Google My Business profile, and social media accounts. By identifying and addressing underlying issues, we provide a roadmap for improvement and guide you toward enhancing your online presence.

The Six Phases of a Quick Audit

Danny and I extend invite you to get a quick audit. With six crucial phases, we aim to revolutionize your digital presence. Let’s delve into the details and discover the key to unlocking your full potential.

1. Harmonizing Your Listings: Ensuring Consistency Across Platforms

In the first phase, we examine your listings, ensuring consistency across major directories and social networks. Your name, address, and phone details play a vital role in establishing a strong online presence.

2. Beyond Quantity: Unveiling the Secrets of Reviews

Moving on to the second phase, we focus on reviews. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about acquiring more reviews. We emphasize factors such as review velocity, their connection to your profiles and citations, and the engagement and quality of those reviews. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp possess the ability to identify fake reviews, highlighting the importance of authentic feedback.

3. Seamless Website Performance: From Mobile to Desktop

Next, we turn our attention to your website. We assess its functionality on both mobile and desktop platforms, adhering to industry standards set by Google. From proper loading and latency issues to excessive JavaScript, we identify areas for improvement and provide easy-to-follow recommendations.

4. Elevating Your SEO Game: Optimizing Ads and Social Media

Phase four centers around your SEO, ads, and social media strategies. These components work in unison, contributing to your overall digital performance.

5. Data-Driven Recommendations: Tailored Insights and Actionable Suggestions

By conducting a comprehensive audit of these elements, we uncover specific recommendations and address any issues that hinder your online success.

6. Empowering Your Decision-Making: Expert Analysis with Danny and Our Team

Our commitment extends beyond data analysis. You have the freedom to decide how to utilize the insights we provide. Share them with your existing agency, involve your marketing team, or allow us to assist in rectifying any identified concerns. Our aim is to empower you with valuable information and the expertise of Danny and myself.

It’s important to note that our approach is rooted in a proven framework. Industry leaders like Tommy Mellow and Ryan Davis in the home services sector have embraced this methodology. By aligning with their strategies, you can elevate your business and gauge your standing among the top players in your industry.

Danny’s new agency presents a unique opportunity. As a part of our mentoring program, we offer a discounted price for this quick audit. While my individual access is priced at $1,500, you can benefit from Danny’s expertise and guidance for a reduced rate of $147. It’s a valuable chance to receive high-quality insights without incurring exorbitant costs.

For added excitement, I may even join the initial calls for the first few participants. Witness firsthand how Danny’s agency, Full Funnels, implements proven frameworks to drive success. Together, we aim to challenge the conventional practices that treat agency services as mere sales pitches. Digital marketing should mirror the precision of a skilled surgeon or service provider, grounded in a clear and effective process.

As a fun exercise, consider assessing your current agency’s performance against our quick audit components. Engage them in this evaluation and later approach Danny to compare their findings with our insights.

Our ultimate goal is to witness Danny’s success in solving your problems and bringing transparency to the forefront. We believe in the power of a clear process. Our audit procedures serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The Power of Geo-Category Alignment in Local Service Business SEO

Across different industries and geographical locations, local service businesses face similar challenges when it comes to ranking in local search results and running effective local service ads. Whether it’s a flooring company in Glenview, Illinois, a pest control company in Portland, or a garage door company in Los Angeles, the fundamental issue lies in establishing trust and aligning the business category with the specific geographic area.

In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), achieving a prominent ranking for location-specific keywords requires a two-fold approach: a clear geographical signal and relevance to the chosen category. For instance, if you aim to rank for “Portland ant exterminator,” it is crucial to establish a strong connection between Portland as the targeted location and the keywords related to ant extermination, pest control, or similar terms. This principle applies to businesses in any industry and location.

To address this challenge, a meticulous auditing process becomes essential. This process, which I developed during his tenure at Yahoo over 25 years ago, assesses the credibility and deservingness of businesses to appear in search results. By evaluating the alignment of geo signals and relevant categories, the auditing process enables businesses to optimize their online presence effectively.

The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity. Determining whether a business deserves to rank prominently in local search results becomes evident through a comprehensive evaluation of geo-category alignment. This ensures that businesses can effectively target their desired market and increase their visibility in local searches.

Through his expertise and experience, Danny and his team have refined this auditing process to benefit local service businesses. By applying this proven methodology, they assist businesses in optimizing their SEO strategies, improving their online presence, and ultimately gaining a competitive edge.

With the understanding that trust and credibility form the foundation of successful service businesses, the process emphasizes the vital importance of geo-category alignment. By aligning a business’s core offerings with its specific geographic area, local service businesses can establish a robust online presence, attract their target audience, and generate meaningful leads.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Danny Leibrandt’s approach offers local service businesses a clear path to success. By leveraging the power of geo-category alignment, businesses can navigate the intricacies of SEO, secure their rightful place in local search results, and unlock their true potential in their respective markets.

Ultimately, the goal is to equip local service businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to flourish in the digital realm. By implementing this innovative approach to SEO auditing, Danny Leibrandt and his team empower businesses to rise above the competition, solidify their reputation, and establish long-lasting connections with their local customer base.

The Three Non-Negotiable Rules for Holding Your Digital Marketing Agency Accountable

When it comes to working with a digital marketing agency, it’s not about firing them altogether but rather holding them accountable. There are three crucial rules that you must be aware of—rules that are non-negotiable, leaving no room for “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” By implementing these rules, you can ensure transparency and maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Ownership of Accounts and Assets: One of the most common issues faced with agencies is the lack of ownership of essential accounts and assets. It’s essential to verify whether you have full ownership of your website’s code, hosting, domain, Google Ads account, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook accounts, and other critical assets. This ownership empowers you to have control and the ability to switch agencies if needed, preventing any games or restricted access to your valuable data.
  2. Content Ownership: In today’s digital landscape, content plays a vital role in social media, search engine rankings, and online visibility. As the client, it is imperative that you retain ownership of all content related to your business. While agencies can assist in processing and optimizing the content, the creation, and collection should originate from you. Authentic content that reflects your experience and stories is key to standing out amidst the proliferation of synthetic and generic content flooding the internet.
  3. Single Point of Contact: To ensure smooth communication and efficient operations, having a designated single point of contact is crucial. This person, whether an operations coordinator or a capable team member, acts as the liaison between your company and the agency. They are responsible for managing the intricate details, overseeing access, reviewing statistics, and maintaining a clear plan of action. By establishing a single point of contact on both sides, accountability is maintained, and issues are promptly addressed.

By adhering to these three rules and partnering with a reputable digital marketer like Danny, you can witness a transformative shift in your digital marketing endeavors. With proper ownership of assets, content tailored to your business, and a streamlined communication process, the landscape becomes transparent and results-driven. Gone are the days of mysterious magic; instead, you gain visibility into social media posts, content, and ads, tracing their impact on calls and subsequent bookings and revenue generation through tools like ServiceTitan or other CRMs.

Embracing this new breed of digital marketers who prioritize results and follow a transparent process allows you to unlock the true potential of digital marketing. It’s time to empower your business, witness the impact, and embark on a journey where accountability and tangible outcomes shape your digital marketing success.

The Unspoken Truth: The Shift from Agency to In-House Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, there’s a topic that agencies seldom discuss openly, but it’s time to address it here. It’s the point when clients, typically after 60 to 90 days, express their desire to bring their marketing efforts in-house or part ways with the agency. Now, let’s delve into the reasons behind this decision because it’s crucial for you to understand them.

First and foremost, the dissatisfaction with results is often the driving force. After entrusting the agency with their marketing goals and hearing lofty promises, clients find themselves disappointed. The agency may have vanished, failed to deliver on its commitments, or fallen short of its promises. Previous encounters with agencies that made similar pledges but couldn’t deliver have left clients feeling burned and skeptical.

Another valid reason for the transition is the emergence of internal capabilities. As processes are put in place, your internal staff becomes integral to your marketing efforts. Those handling customer interactions on social media and your dedicated technicians performing jobs inadvertently become part of your marketing team. This phenomenon is known as user-generated content (UGC), where valuable assets are collected organically.

With these internal resources and UGC at your disposal, you gradually build an in-house marketing team. Simultaneously, the agency can focus on developing new strategies and expanding its capabilities alongside your growing team. This collaborative process initiated by Danny and his team, for example, lays the foundation, allowing you to systematize and operationalize marketing functions in-house. This efficiency becomes indispensable for success in the modern digital marketing landscape.

Embracing this shift not only provides you with greater control but also enables seamless coordination between your internal team and the agency. As capabilities develop and evolve, a symbiotic relationship is established, where both parties contribute to the collective growth of your marketing initiatives.

Acknowledging the eventual transition from agency reliance to internal marketing prowess is crucial. It empowers you to embrace the potential of your team while leveraging the expertise of skilled professionals like Danny. By fostering this efficient synergy, you position your business to thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Unveiling the Battle: Agencies, Google, and Facebook

It’s no secret that Google and Facebook seem to have it out for agencies. But why is that? The answer lies in the recurring issues of mismanagement, friction, and exorbitant charges that agencies often bring to the table.

When performance falters, agencies are quick to point fingers at Google. They claim that rising cost per click and ever-changing algorithms are to blame for lost rankings on specific keywords. However, this narrative is nothing more than a smokescreen. The truth is that many agencies are simply inept, and Google, in particular, is tired of shouldering the blame for their shortcomings. Additionally, agencies often play a game of hide and seek, refusing to grant access for a transparent evaluation of campaign performance. How can Google be held responsible if agencies shroud their actions in secrecy?

To shed light on the situation, the first step is to examine the change history within the ad accounts. By reviewing the modifications made over the past three months, it becomes evident whether meaningful adjustments have been implemented or if the agency has left the campaign stagnant. Access the ad account, navigate to the change history on the left side, and scrutinize who made which changes. Did they add keywords, alter bids, or create new ads? It’s not uncommon for agencies to initially make improvements only to abandon the client thereafter.

In conducting an audit, two crucial aspects come into focus. Firstly, the quality scores of the campaigns are evaluated. Are there numerous keywords with quality scores of six or below? If so, it raises concerns. As part of the audit, the data will reveal whether most ads are struggling with low-quality scores. Additionally, it’s worth investigating whether the keywords and ads driving the highest conversions are predominantly brand terms—indicating a heavy reliance on brand recognition.

Non-brand terms may be the culprit behind skyrocketing cost per acquisition and cost per lead figures. If your business is spending thousands of dollars for a single new client or facing exorbitant costs for each call generated, it’s clear that the numbers don’t add up. Such scenarios are unsustainable and call for a reassessment of the strategy.

In the ongoing battle between agencies, Google and Facebook, it’s essential to recognize the issues at hand. Addressing mismanagement, lack of transparency, and reliance on ineffective non-brand terms is key to achieving success in the digital marketing realm. By navigating these challenges and working with skilled professionals, businesses can forge a path toward digital marketing excellence.

To watch Danny speak at DigiMarCon, click here.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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