Scaling Heights and Profits: Brandon Grittini’s TV Mounting Venture

I recently invited Brandon Grittini, the former CFO of a company, as a guest on a Coach Yu Show.

Brandon embarked on a career shift after resigning from his position with the intention of taking a two-year break to honor a non-compete agreement.

However, only two months into his sabbatical, boredom set in, and he began searching for a new venture within the home service industry. Despite lacking handyman skills and prior experience in TV mounting, he saw the potential in this niche market due to its low barrier to entry and high-profit margins.

Driven by curiosity, Brandon decided to give TV mounting a try. His research revealed a surprising trend: while the demand for TV mounting services initially dipped during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, it subsequently surged as people spent more time at home, investing in larger televisions. Many consumers perceived TV mounting as a daunting task, especially for TVs exceeding 50 inches, creating a significant opportunity within the market.

Brandon recognized the financial potential in this untapped field. With minimal tools and training required, he discovered that he could earn several hundred dollars for just half an hour of work. Standard TV mounting services on drywall typically start at a base price of $200, encompassing approximately 25 to 35 minutes of labor.

However, it was the outlier cases that proved to be the most profitable for Brandon’s business. Approximately 40% of his customers sought assistance in mounting their TVs above fireplaces, a task that often instilled fear in them. Another 20% required their TVs to be mounted on challenging surfaces such as brick, tile, stone, or concrete. For these specialized services, Brandon could command higher prices, allowing him to maximize his earnings.

As Brandon delved deeper into the TV mounting industry, he discovered a niche where his financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit thrived. By identifying customer pain points and providing reliable solutions, he carved a profitable path within the home service sector.

Forging Trustworthy Alliances: Brandon Grittini’s Pursuit of Home Service Partnerships

When it comes to generating additional revenue through partnerships with other home service companies, Brandon recognizes the potential for ancillary and revenue-sharing opportunities. As a TV mounting professional, he understands that once he enters a customer’s home, there may be other service needs that arise. However, Brandon emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high standard and ensuring that any referrals he makes align with his commitment to quality service.

Currently, Brandon does not have established partnerships in place, but he acknowledges the need to strengthen connections with local home service providers. He aims to build relationships with companies that share his dedication to excellence, ensuring that his referrals uphold the same level of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Recently, Brandon had a promising experience when a custom builder referred a customer to him. Taking the opportunity to showcase his previous work, Brandon shared photos and testimonials with the potential customer. After reaching out to the referred customer, they expressed satisfaction with Brandon’s services. Encouraged by this positive interaction, Brandon hopes to explore potential partnerships with the custom builder and collaborate on future projects.

By actively seeking reliable and like-minded partners in the home service industry, Brandon strives to expand his network, provide comprehensive solutions to his customers, and establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Unleashing the Power of Marketing: Brandon Grittini’s Journey to Drive TV Install Leads

Within the realm of running a TV install business, Brandon recognizes that one of the most challenging aspects lies in marketing and driving leads. Drawing from his experience as a CFO, he understands that many businesses struggle with uncertainty about where their next customer will come from. This realization has emphasized the crucial role of effective marketing and lead generation.

Brandon believes that acquiring leads is only the first step. Equally important is optimizing the conversion process to secure a high closing rate. Simply increasing the number of leads without focusing on conversion efficiency can result in inflated expenses and limited growth. Therefore, Brandon emphasizes the significance of effectively closing the leads already obtained.

One effective strategy Brandon has employed is leveraging Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) to boost visibility and attract local customers. Recognizing that prompt responsiveness is a crucial factor in Google’s rating and ranking algorithms, he prioritizes answering phone calls promptly to enhance his local presence. Consistently providing timely responses has yielded positive outcomes, leading to higher rankings within the local three-pack—the map results that generate significant traffic for Detroit and its surrounding suburbs.

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Maximizing the potential of Google My Business, Brandon leverages features such as posting photos and updates to engage with potential customers. He has discovered that positive reviews play a pivotal role in generating leads through this platform. Implementing a review sequence that encourages customers to leave feedback, Brandon has achieved an impressive 40% review rate—a testament to the quality of his service and customer satisfaction.

By prioritizing effective marketing strategies, lead generation, and customer engagement, Brandon Grittini has harnessed the power of digital platforms to drive the success of his TV install business.

Unleashing the Power of Customer Feedback: Brandon Grittini’s Social Media Boosting Strategy

Brandon understands the invaluable role of customer feedback in establishing credibility for his TV installation business. With a goal to provide exceptional service, Brandon has implemented a meticulous process that includes gathering customer testimonials, capturing their satisfaction in real-time, and leveraging their feedback to bolster his online presence.

Upon completing a TV mounting job, Brandon takes a proactive approach by inviting customers to assess the results firsthand. Delighted with the outcome, he seizes the opportunity to request a brief 15-second social media video from the satisfied customer. While delicately mentioning that part of his compensation hinges on collecting these reviews, Brandon emphasizes the authenticity and value of customer-generated content.

Recognizing the need to expand his customer engagement efforts, Brandon acknowledges the potential impact of visual testimonials. Alongside text-based reviews, he actively encourages customers to accompany their feedback with a photo, knowing that such user-generated content resonates more deeply with algorithms and prospective clients alike. The genuine nature of these user-driven reviews enhances their credibility, distinguishing them from mere owner-generated content.

Although Brandon diligently responds to each review, he admits that he has yet to fully exploit the potential of taking screenshots and reposting them with gratitude on various social media platforms. While occasionally sharing screenshots on Instagram or incorporating them into Facebook posts, he has not yet implemented a dedicated strategy of directly tagging and thanking customers in this manner.

Incorporating insights from the Dollar-A-Day program, Brandon recognizes the immense credibility inherent in customer feedback. To amplify the impact of testimonials, he intends to adopt a new approach—capturing screenshots of customer reviews rather than copying the text alone. These screenshots will then be strategically posted on alternative social platforms, complemented by targeted boosts for just a dollar a day.

This carefully devised strategy enables Brandon to not only highlight the experiences and satisfaction of his customers but also sparks recognition within local communities. By specifically targeting neighborhoods and friends of satisfied customers, he cultivates an environment where familiarity breeds trust. As a result, Brandon experiences clickthrough rates of 20 to 30 percent as individuals identify with featured customers, forging a lasting memory of his brand.

Through his customer-centric approach and innovative leveraging of feedback, Brandon maximizes the influence of customer testimonials, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after the TV installation is complete.

Embracing Imperfection: Brandon Grittini’s Journey into Video Marketing

Brandon found himself hesitant and uncertain when it came to delving into the realm of video marketing. Like many others, the prospect of creating videos evoked feelings of apprehension and self-doubt. However, after joining the Dollar a Day program, Brandon’s perspective shifted, urging him to take the leap without obsessing over perfection.

Initially, the idea of video production overwhelmed Brandon. The pressure to create polished and visually appealing content seemed daunting. Nevertheless, he heeded the advice to simply put himself out there and share his message. Disregarding the need for elaborate production value, Brandon recorded a couple of modest videos. Despite feeling somewhat embarrassed by them, he bravely decided to release them into the digital space.

To his astonishment, the impact was profound. Boosting these unassuming videos with a minimal investment, Brandon witnessed firsthand the efficacy of this approach. It was a stark contrast to his previous struggles with Facebook and Instagram advertising, which yielded disappointing results and drained his resources without generating tangible returns. However, within the first five to seven days of posting videos and implementing the dollar-a-day strategy on Instagram, Brandon received a remarkable influx of seven phone calls. This newfound success instilled him with confidence, reinforcing the notion that consistency and authenticity mattered more than striving for perfection.

Brandon acknowledges that he doesn’t possess the expertise of a professional videographer armed with high-end equipment and extensive cinematic training. Instead, he embraces a more laid-back and approachable style. Armed with his trusty smartphone, an iPhone, he effortlessly captures videos ranging from one to two minutes in length and promptly shares them with his audience.

Encouraged by the positive outcomes he has experienced thus far, Brandon is determined to continue this video marketing journey. He has come to realize that perfection is not a prerequisite for success. By embracing imperfection, leveraging the power of smartphones, and consistently sharing his authentic message, Brandon paves the way for a promising future in video marketing.

Mastering the TV Mounting Business: Brandon Grittini’s Path to Success

Brandon shared his insights and experiences. With no prior handyman skills or tools, Brandon embarked on this venture, emphasizing the importance of minimizing upfront expenses. Recognizing the risks involved in high-cost investment programs, he instead advocates for a simpler approach that yields substantial results.

Dispelling the misconception that becoming a TV mounting technician requires extensive trade school training, Brandon highlights the straightforward nature of this profession. Armed with just a basic set of tools and a modest amount of training, anyone can enter this field and command two to three hundred dollars per job.

The key lies in effective marketing and running the business efficiently. Leveraging Google’s understanding of consumer intent, Brandon notes the advantage of targeting customers who have recently purchased a TV or seek guidance on mounting procedures. By showcasing his expertise through videos and demonstrating the value of hiring a professional, he establishes trust and convinces potential clients to choose his services over risking the installation themselves.

Brandon’s own journey serves as inspiration. Within 30 days, he acquired his first customer, and over the course of a year and a half, he built a six-figure annual revenue business. Furthermore, he shares the success story of one of his students in Georgia, who, while maintaining a day job, now earns $4,000 per month by dedicating time to TV mounting on the side. With minimal overhead and self-performed installations, the student’s gross revenue closely aligns with his gross profit, making this endeavor immensely lucrative.

Research suggests that the average TV-hanging business technician in the United States earns around $114,000 per year, equivalent to approximately $60 per hour. While this figure assumes full occupancy, it demonstrates the potential earning capacity of this profession. With an efficient schedule and multiple technicians, one can easily generate daily revenue nearing $2,000.

Brandon’s ultimate vision is to scale his business, employing additional technicians while focusing on marketing and customer acquisition. By delegating the mounting work to trusted professionals, he aims to create a system that generates a full-time income for each team member. The success he has achieved thus far fuels his determination to expand further and maximize the profitability of the TV mounting business.

He acknowledges the limited potential for recurring revenue in the TV mounting business compared to other ventures like pressure washing. Recognizing the extended lifespan of TVs, typically spanning three to five years before customers consider purchasing new ones, he understood the importance of cultivating repeat business to sustain long-term success. Surprisingly, Brandon discovered that his customers exhibited a remarkable level of loyalty, leading to recurring engagements and a sense of fulfillment in delivering satisfactory services.

Contrary to his initial assumption that the primary clientele would consist of individuals purchasing new TVs, Brandon found that the majority of his customers were actually new homeowners. Moving into a new residence often triggered the need for professional assistance in mounting their TVs, as they realized this essential task amidst the chaos of unpacking and settling in. Additionally, a significant portion of his market comprised customers who had recently acquired new TVs or were upgrading their existing ones, particularly in conjunction with a change of residence.

Brandon Grittini’s journey exemplifies how a seemingly simple and accessible service can lead to substantial financial rewards. Through his experience and guidance, he empowers others to step into this industry, emphasizing that with dedication, smart marketing, and efficient operations, a prosperous TV mounting business awaits.

Throughout his two-year journey in the TV mounting business, Brandon encountered numerous unforeseen obstacles that inspired continuous learning and refinement. Over time, he managed to streamline his toolkit, enhancing efficiency and preparedness for complex cases. As a non-handy person by background, each new challenge presented an opportunity for problem-solving, often relying on valuable resources like YouTube tutorials.

Reflecting on his business growth, Brandon recognized the untapped potential of recurring revenue and sought avenues to expand his income streams. Taking a proactive approach, he became an authorized dealer for renowned TV brands such as Samsung and Sony, allowing him to offer customers a seamless experience from TV purchases to professional mounting services. Additionally, he ventured into selling popular brands like Sonos, capitalizing on customers’ familiarity with trusted names in the industry.

By engaging with customers who reached out for TV mounting services, Brandon tactfully inquired about their TV status, enabling him to leverage his authorized dealer status. This strategic move unlocked the opportunity to generate additional revenue by selling TVs alongside his services. With profit margins averaging around $400 on a $2,000 TV, this approach proved to be financially rewarding. It was a realization that emerged after contemplating ways to further monetize his business.

Becoming an authorized dealer was a straightforward process for Brandon. By applying through local distributors and meeting basic requirements such as being a legitimate business and having appropriate insurance, he obtained the necessary authorization. The paperwork took approximately 15 minutes, and upon approval, he gained access to dealer pricing and a valuable trust mark that enhanced his business’s reputation.

Beyond the direct sales, being associated with prominent brands served as a testament to the quality of Brandon’s services and provided an additional layer of trust for potential customers. This association strengthened his online presence and positioned him as a reliable and knowledgeable professional within the TV mounting industry.

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Brandon has witnessed the pervasive impact of limiting beliefs that hinder individuals from taking action. Overcoming his own doubts as a non-handy person, Brandon emphasizes the importance of shifting the mindset and prioritizing action over excessive preparation. He encourages others to break free from the paralyzing belief that they lack the ability to succeed.

Brandon highlights the power of taking consistent action and starting even when faced with uncertainty. Drawing from his own experience with creating videos, he acknowledges the initial discomfort and imperfections but stresses the importance of pushing forward and gaining confidence through practice. He firmly believes that progress begins once action is taken and that consistent effort leads to continuous improvement.

The prevalence of limiting beliefs extends beyond his own field of expertise. Brandon notes that in various aspects of life, people tend to prioritize learning over taking action, resulting in stagnant progress. He advocates for a shift in mindset, emphasizing the value of asking questions and taking decisive steps forward. By challenging the notion of immediate results and focusing on long-term strategies, individuals can embrace the journey rather than seeking quick-fix solutions.

In a world where many chase the illusion of fast and passive income, Brandon emphasizes the significance of playing the long game. He rejects the notion of overnight success and cautions against relying on fleeting trends and shortcuts. Instead, he underscores the importance of building solid foundations, nurturing relationships, and staying true to time-tested principles. Brandon believes that sustainable success is rooted in genuine connections and a steadfast commitment to personal growth.

Amidst the allure of technological advancements like AI, Brandon remains confident that genuine relationships will prevail. He observes the cyclical nature of innovation and recalls past instances, such as Google’s AdWords slaps, where rapid changes disrupted the landscape. Recognizing the inherent value of time-tested principles and building genuine relationships, Brandon embraces a measured approach rather than succumbing to short-term trends. With a patient and steadfast mindset, he anticipates outlasting those who chase fleeting strategies and steadily ascending to greater heights of success.

The Power of Action: Brandon Grittini’s Path to Success

While discussing the dollar-a-day program, Brandon highlights the straightforward nature of the technique. He is living proof that failure of the technique stems from not taking action at all. Drawing parallels to launching a business, he emphasizes the importance of completing seemingly simple yet critical tasks, such as creating one-minute videos, establishing a Doing Business As (DBA) entity, securing insurance, and prioritizing punctuality.

The dollar-a-day program functions by sharing the work individuals are already doing, along with the positive feedback received, on various online platforms. It’s like paying for distribution services like FedEx or UPS, as the program necessitates paying Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms for wider exposure. However, what’s key is taking action rather than fixating on extensive studying and seeking perfection before commencing.

Perfection is an unrealistic expectation, particularly during initial attempts. Instead, take the first step, even if imperfect, and continually progress by putting one foot in front of the other. By embracing the philosophy of forward momentum and continuous action, Brandon has achieved notable success.

Brandon’s approach serves as a beacon of motivation. His unwavering commitment to taking action, rather than being consumed by prolonged preparation, sets an example for individuals seeking tangible results. Progress lies in actively pursuing objectives rather than succumbing to stagnation caused by inaction.

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Dennis Yu
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