11 Pro Tips for Personal Brand Building

Are you just starting out your business or already in the business and are getting caught between how you can grow your personal brand? When you’re a founder and you don’t have a name, you don’t have a reputation, you don’t have a lot of money. It’s hard to get known. You have a chicken and egg. 

In this session, Dennis discussed what you need to do to be able to build your connections, be able to be seen on social and know what to say and do.

1. Build out your Topic Wheel

Organize your topics into your Topic Wheel where you organize it into why, how, and what. 

When you have this topic wheel, you know what kind of content to produce instead of just Willy nilly putting in a lot of content. 

The biggest mistake I see in content marketing among young adults and entrepreneurs in general, even corporate people is they go buy something called a content calendar wherein they just naturally put content to a timeline and that is wrong. 

Do you know why? 

It’s because that content is just being out there for the sake of being able to say, yeah, I made this many pieces of content but it doesn’t anchor to actually building something.

2. Create a public figure page

Create an Inception with your Cover Photo by showing who your other customers are in a non “salesy” way.

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3. Create different posts

Make it look friendly and it should look like what you would post on your personal page.

Not sure how to make your post engaging? Here is a secret that we swear by. 

4. Use the law of reciprocity

The key for you growing and other people endorsing your business, your startup, your ID is you give thanks to other people. So who are the mentors that you have that you lean on? Who are the other key employees? What gave you the idea? How about honoring your family? Maybe you have a spouse or a loved one that’s supporting you in this startup role and how difficult that is. There are so many different things you can talk about, but the key is you’re going to give thanks. 

Understand the idea of growing your brand by saying thank you to others. So they in turn do the same thing for you. 

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5. Build Relationships at Scale

 Think about how you can communicate the stories that you want to be able to tell. Think about your product. Think about your idea. Think about the story of you as a founder. Talk about how you’re solving problems, everything except for

X “Hey, we have a really cool software product. Sign up for a demo. I’d love to get 15 minutes with you.”

While you can certainly do that, however an effective way to do it is to earn the right to people’s attention. 

6. Leverage the power of video

When you make videos, you get people to believe that you’re bigger than you really are. Make sure that it doesn’t look like an ad. How?

  1. Do it on your cellphone. 
  2. Shoot vertically not horizontal. 
  3. Make it in one minute. Remove that mindset that each video you make needs to be professionally taken. Humanize your videos.
  4. Speak at conferences

Need help with how you can get started leveraging the power of video? Here is a One-Minute Video course that teaches how to film, do light editing and post one-minute videos for businesses and personal brands.

7. Interview other people that are in our industry. 

So instead of me knocking on doors for all these real estate agents, trying to offer them products and services, I get on Tom Ferry’s podcast and he’s got 400,000 real estate agents who follow him.

image 1

So that carries a lot more weight. So creating content together with Tom ferry allows me to play inception  So the idea is who is it that I want to buy my product or service.

You have to be super clear on your niche, your value proposition, and your personas. And other people are going to tell you that focus on exactly your niche. That’s great advice, but who do those people respect? That’s the person you want to be able to make content with? 

Because if you make contact with this person, then all of these people that follow that person are going to follow you as well. 

You just need to:

*Make sure you did your research 

*Use the right equipment such as the Microphone, Camera, and Light

8. Drive Engagement

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9. Build that Lead

A lot of people just want to tell you what to do however you need people to buy your product at scale, you can do that by hiring salespeople, and by taking lots of meetings but the thing I see with lots of young entrepreneurs is they listen to the advice that their friends and family have–those people are well-meaning but you need to talk to the people who are actually your customers, someone who really has the pain that you were trying to solve. So here’s what we do on Twitter:

Want to learn how you can use Interactive Video to drive leads through your funnel? Here is an Office Hour Episode that can walk you through that. 

10. Reuse your Content from Channel to Channel

So you don’t have to worry about trying to create different content on Facebook versus LinkedIn versus your blog or whatnot.

11. Boost your Post

Most people are not aware that you can boost a post to get lots of extra traffic and how easy it is.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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