One Minute Video Course

Why 1 Minute Videos on FB?

If you want people to engage your business or your brand, you have to start investing in the currency of digital platforms, attention.

People are trading hours of their day scrolling through Facebook and you have to ght for every bit of attention you can get.

The easiest way to get people's attention is through video. Speci cally, one minute videos. No one is going to watch a 3 minute video if they don’t know who you are. Attention spans on social channels are brief. The average watch time for a video on Facebook is only 6 seconds. You must learn to grab their attention quickly and pull them into the story you are trying to tell.

Here's What We'll Show You:

1. Making a 1-minute video

2. Production vs. Post Production

3. Content Planning

4. Editing Video

5. Become a Member

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              Adam Jaffe                Ascom Wireless Solutions

Dee was hired to produce a testimonial video for us. Not only did he deliver exactly what we required, he was able to assist with creative side by to ensure that the project was extremely successful. His communication through the whole project was impeccable, updating the team and myself regularly to guarantee we would met our desired time-frame.

Dee is a relentless optimist and optimizer who knows how to get stuff done.

He and his team members are a rare breed of video specialists who also understand social and digital-- so that the videos you make with him are not just shot professionally, but drive traffic and​ ROI.

​I am honored to be working with Dee-- a good friend and business partner.

             Logan Young               Vice President, Strategy Blitzmetrics