The Magic of $1 a day on Twitter – Start Using This Immediately!

I’m boosting 174 tweets right now.

Across 20 campaigns, spending about a dollar a day for each campaign, so $20 a day total.

Each dollar lets me reach about 300 people.

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I get more for my dollar when I am going for conversion (150 people), less for engagement (900 people).

I’m averaging 4.5% engagement and a 7 cent cost per engagement.

Conversions are trickier to track for 3 reasons:

  1. We can’t optimize to conversions– the optimizer can do engagement or clicks.
  2. Many conversions don’t show up in Twitter analytics or Google analytics — because paid drives a ton of organic, which often drops our tracking, even with UTM parameters.
  3. Twitter is notorious for being weak on referral (website) traffic– so often we drive conversations that turn into sales in the DMs. And those conversations often carry into other channels like Facebook messenger, webinars, and so forth.

That said, the Dollar a Day Strategy works as well on Twitter as it does on Facebook, since the lower quality of traffic is offset by the lower traffic.

Have you tried the Dollar a Day Strategy?

Gone are the days of complex tuning and targeting.

Now we let the algorithms do the adjusting for us, while we dump in batches of content.

That content is short snippets of text and video– organized into WHY (top of the funnel), HOW (middle of the funnel), and WHAT (bottom of the funnel) pieces.

Are you still doing it the old way with complex targeting and sales-only ads or are you taking advantage of the machine’s power?

The Dollar a Day Strategy lets you test at $1 a day and scale up to the limit of the available demand you can profitably sell to.

And it does wonders.

Here’s what HubSpot Academy has to say about this strategy:

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is co-author of the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in social media, The Definitive Guide to TikTok Ads.  He has spent a billion dollars on Facebook ads across his agencies and agencies he advises. Mr. Yu is the "million jobs" guy-- on a mission to create one million jobs via hands-on social media training, partnering with universities and professional organizations.You can find him quoted in major publications and on television such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, and LA Times. Clients have included Nike, Red Bull, the Golden State Warriors, Ashley Furniture, Quiznos-- down to local service businesses like real estate agents and dentists. He's spoken at over 750 conferences in 20 countries, having flown over 6 million miles in the last 30 years to train up young adults and business owners. He speaks for free as long as the organization believes in the job-creation mission and covers business class travel.You can find him hiking tall mountains, eating chicken wings, and taking Kaqun oxygen baths-- likely in a city near you.