The Dollar a Day Method

15-Second Video Course

Course Goals

The Dollar-a-Day method drives sales across Facebook, but it also works on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. It even works on YouTube. The key is that when you have some kind of content that's working organically, how do we get more out of it?

Let's say you made a bunch of little 15-second videos, and one of them just took off. That's the thing you want to boost. You want to throw fuel to the fire. How do we go about doing that? That's what I want you guys to consider with the Dollar-a-Day technique.

If you're putting out lots of shots on goal, you're going to find one of them is going to go in. You're going to boost any one of these things for $1 a day unless the network doesn't allow you to do less. Tiktok is $20 a day. LinkedIn is $10 a day. Snapchat is $5 a day. These are all the minimums that the networks are requiring.

You can put a bunch of your 15-second videos or 1-minute videos into these ad groups and let them all compete for that budget of $1 a day to $10 a day. What you're going to find is that once you've boosted these posts, you're going to get a lot of feedback and a lot of positive comments.

People are going to ask questions. That's going to give you ideas on the content that you need to produce. That's going to generate more clients and leads because the comments lead to DMs. You're going to get more customers and more clients.

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