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The BlitzMetrics Personal Branding Course

Get The Personal Branding Course And Learn...

  • How you can utilize social media to progress your career
  • Which networks can help position you as a professional
  • How to measure the impact of your online personal brand

Get The Personal Branding Package to Have Our Specialists...

  • Progress your career through Social Media promotion.
  • Find and promote your winning content.  
  • Collect, tune, and boost your content to the right people
  • Assemble a document to keep track of your positive mentions
  • Build or tweak your website to ensure your content and brand shines through
Larry Kim Founder of WordStream, Inc.

Founder of WordStream, Inc

Dennis Yu is incredibly knowledgeable about Facebook ads. Follow him immediately!

Phil Mershon Founder and CEO at The Man in the Pew Show

The future of social media marketing is bright with guys like Dennis, helping people and brands figure out how to optimize their strategies.

Catapult Your Influence And Multiply
Your Capital with The World's Most Refined Personal Branding System

Personal Branding.

We all know we should "do it". 

There's influence when people know who you are and listen to the message you have to share.

Along with it, there are opportunities  to leverage your Personal Brand:

  • check
    Monetizing your brand with your business
  • check
    Partnering with other people through joint-ventures
  • check
    Speaking on the largest stages in your industry

I've been grateful for the opportunity to do all of these.

I've spoken and key-noted on hundreds of stages around the world and have been featured nation-wide on CNN and Al Jazeera.

Here I'm talking with CNN Anchor George Howell
on Facebook's privacy challenge back in April. 

There are countless benefits so there's no questioning the importance of Personal Branding.

The thing is, how do you do it?

Should you post on Instagram 3 times a day.

Maybe a picture with a quote on it, a video, a screenshot of a tweet? 

Should you be doing Facebook Lives once a week, writing articles every other day? 

What about posting about what you're doing on Instagram Stories and Snapchat?

It can get tricky real quick without a plan.

Worse of all, you feel like you're spinning your wheels going from one shiny object to the next just "reverse-engineering" what everyone else is doing.

A lot of people talk generically about how to build a personal brand, why you should be authentic, and why you should “follow your dreams”.

Getting pumped up is a good thing--and even better is having a process behind what is usually randomness for most people.

First step you want to get over when building a personal brand is “I’m trying to be famous”.

When you build a personal brand it’s not about you.

It’s not about being famous or being on tv.

It’s about being so committed to a mission, that you want to share it with the world.

You have expertise to provide value to others.

A message that will help.

Material that will educate.

It's all about helping your audience.

That's what Personal Branding is all about.

You want to teach and share what you know and connect with people so passionately that you’re willing to go out there, create videos, write articles, speak on stage. 


The Blitz Personal Branding Course 

Discover how the world's top brands use our Personal Branding System to catapult their influence and impact, without...

  • Having to hire a PR Firm for Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Month.
  • Having a large social media following.
  • Spending hours upon hours of days "coming up" with content and posting like a maniac.

If you've tried "personal branding" but have gotten frustrated "figuring it out"...

If you've taken courses on growing your following with little result...

If you've struggled to find the time to focus on your personal brand when growing your business...

We got the solution for you.

In The Blitz Personal Branding Course, we're giving you our entire systemized process to lift off your Personal Brand.

Our methods don't rely on any "tricks" or one-off tactic.

Instead you'll be learning upon tried and true foundation that will help you build and grow your Personal Brand. 

Isaac Irvine GoDaddy

I just found out I was accepted as one of the speakers at WordCamp Atlanta in March. I'm super stoked about it. I gotta say, this system works.

Kenny Lauer Lead Marketing and Digital @ Golden State Warriors

Lead Marketing and Digital Experiences @ Golden State Warriors

Dennis has not only been amazing with us at the Warriors, but someone I consider a great friend.

With The Personal Branding Course
You'll Learn: 

  • How to leverage the world's most powerful marketing: word of mouth.
  • How to create a Personal Brand that deeply resonates with people.
  • How to structure your Personal Branding assets so you can have your team work on your brand on auto-pilot. 
  • How to systematically grow the power of your online personal brand
  • How to measure the impact of your online personal brand
  • How to ethically "hack "Personal Branding and get invited to speak on stage.
  • How to get interviewed on high authority publications like CNN and Forbes
  • How to establish true authority and influence and not just rack up your number of likes or followers.

We teach all of this in our Personal Branding Course and more.

We'll walk you step by step on what to do from creating assets like a "Content Library", a "Topic Wheel", a "Personal Branding Manager".

Establishing a solid foundation will give your personal brand the foundation it needs for the long-run.

You'll be getting our  Personal Branding Guide which comes with our Course and maps out the structure of an effective Personal Brand with detailed action steps.

Here's just a sneak peak of some of our course material:

Why Marketers & Entrepreneurs
Love Our Course

Eric Ludwig Former CMO at Rosetta Stone

The BlitzMetrics team exceeded our expectations wildly and assisted us in igniting our fan growth to the extent that it is now making a material impact on business.

Jeremy Miller Director of Marketing at SnapShyft

The best decision I made to building my career or building my personal brand was earning knowledge and mentorship from Dennis Yu and his company.

Remember, Personal Branding is about serving others.

This is how you grow your influence.

How you get more clients.

How you grow your business.

If you're ready, we're here to help you every step of the way.

-Dennis Yu