Personal Brand Manager

Friends, this is how we keep track of my personal brand--- how we organize assets and how we use them to drive more exposure, traffic, and sales.

It's the Personal Brand Manager-- an internal document to help us coordinate the content production, collection, editing, distribution, cross-posting, boosting, and selling.

Even if your team is just YOU right now, you'll find this framework useful to structure who you are.

Then hire a virtual assistant to gather everything that's ever been said about you or what you've said-- organized into your Topic Wheel.

It could be podcasts, articles, social media posts, newspapers, or whatever from over the years. An incredible inventory if you actually assemble it. And you'll find friends, clients, and partners saying great things about you that you weren't even aware.

Take a look at how I built mine-- then use this framework to amplify your personal brand in a smart way!

Download the Personal Branding Framework now!

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