Conquer New Categories by Leveraging Your Brand


In this episode of Office Hours, Dennis Yu gets together with Elias Ellefsen, a human performance athletic coach and entrepreneur. Eli launched a new product that has yet to hit the mainstream.

He’s facing all the challenges that businesses often face when launching a new product, especially in a different category. Here, they discuss the challenges of launching a new product in a category that you’re not known for.

Dennis uses the campaign that he designed for Starbucks to show you how it can be done.

Some of the questions that will be answered here are:

How do you leverage what you’re known for and amplify that in the new category?

How do you reach a new audience for your new product?

How do you know you’re reaching the right people?

How do you launch effective campaigns without the help of data?

Without exposure and data, how do you identify the right marketing channels to use for your new product?

If you’re facing a similar situation, this course is for you.

And much, much more ...

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