How to: Show Notes

Show notes are an important part of your podcast because they continue your relationship with your listeners after the show is over. Consider how this is one step in this continuous chain of processing raw content into edited, cross-posted, boosted content. 

Here’s some tips for writing show notes in order to entice your audience.

  • The main objective is to drive users to listen to the podcast– arousing their curiosity by generating open loops. 
  • Entice the reader with: “Learn HOW”, “Discover WHAT…” “Find out WHICH”, “the BEST TECHNIQUE to …”
  1. Learn HOW to create your own digital marketing agency!
  2. Discover WHAT Dennis Yu has to say about creating your own videos!
  3. The BEST TECHNIQUE to drive new leads!
  • Include a CTA (Call to Action button) Use a website like Clickminded to create your own CTA button. 
  • Utilize a social plug-in to enable social proof, and measure your analytics.
  • Create an all-important cover image of the host to draw their attention, for example with colored rays emanating from them.
  • Use key takeaways at the end of your notes: Scroll to the end of the article for links to important resources mentioned in this episode.” 

Also include:

  1. The host’s Bio, in this case – Meet Dennis Yu  
  2. Link to personal website or blog
  3. Email address
  4. Social media profiles Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Operating a podcast does not only include saying the perfect things to your audience on camera. You must also put in the work to pique their interest before, during and after the show. Show notes are are just one way to grab their attention, and share important bits of information that could be lost among the sea of information. Give them a few life rafts to hold onto.


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