How All About Pressure Cleaning Can Boost Their Digital Marketing

All About Pressure Cleaning is a pressure cleaning company based in Pompano Beach, FL. They serve all of Broward and Palm Beach county and have been in business for years.

They recently hired us to help improve their SEO and paid ads to get more calls and appointments booked for their cleaning services.

Even though pressure cleaning isn’t an LSA category in Florida yet, there are many things we can do to improve our SEO and get more calls in the door almost immediately.

In this article, we’ll be going over the current state of their SEO, the reason why it is that way, and what they can do to improve it.

What’s All About Pressure’s SEO like now?

At the time of writing About Pressure Cleaning has a DR score of 2.6 and is ranking on 70 keywords with 194 backlinks.

image 3
All About Pressure’s SEO Rankings

Whenever we see over 100 backlinks with under a 10 DR score is almost always a red flag that links have been bought in the past.

We wrote an entire article on why buying links is a poor practice with SEO which penalizes you in the long run.

But the short answer on why this is a bad practice is because when the links aren’t relevant to our website, this is seen by Google as spam.

And if we view the backlinks we can see why:

image 8
All About Pressure’s Backlink Profile

Thynks seems to be linking to us a disproportionate amount of times.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but it is if these links aren’t relevant to pressure cleaning in Broward county.

Here’s one example of a page which is linked to us by them.

image 12
Site Link With No Relevance

What does Inispace IT Services have to do with serving customers with pressure washing in South Florida? Absolutely nothing.

Almost every backlink for All About Pressure has no relevance to us and is from only 2 websites, a clear spam indicator.

This is fine if the goal is to say “look at how many backlinks we’ve given you!”, but bad if the goal is to actually get us better results.

Despite these irrelevant backlinks, we’re doing fairly well for ranking on organic keywords.

image 6
All About Pressure’s Organic Keyword Listings

The fact that we’re ranking #1 on our name means we’ve established authority in Pompano beach and people are actively searching for us – which is good news.

Many of the keywords we should be ranking on are low competition, meaning it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort to rank higher.

For our GMB we have almost 300 reviews and have received 3 in the past week, which is a great indicator that we still do great work.

image 9
All About Pressure’s GMB

How recent new reviews are is almost as important as how many rankings there are in general, since Google wants to make sure that the business is still doing good work in Pompano Beach.

There’s also well over 50 images and videos on our GMB, which is another great trust signal for Google.

image 15
GMB Images for All About Pressure

We can look to our map tool LocalFalcon to see how our GMB ranks on terms related to pressure washing.

Here’s the results for “pressure washing service”

image 14
All About Pressure’s Map Ranking Results

Our GMB listing is doing great in Pompano beach and by the coast but is poor for most of Broward and Palm Beach county.

What can All About Pressure change for their website?

image 13
All About Pressure’s Home Page

Websites should always adhere to Google’s E-E-A-T standards, that being experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

The more we can demonstrate that we do a good job in the area we claim to do it in, the more we can prove to Google we deserve to rank.

The first thing to look at is the homepage – how do customers know where we’re based out of? There’s no immediate mention of Broward and Palm Beach county anywhere.

This means you could start an identical company in Idaho with the same home page and you’d struggle to find a difference. This is important for Google because we want to prove we do a great job for customers in South Florida.

The good news is that our service pages are great – they even include YouTube videos explaining how they do pressure washing!

image 11
All About Pressure’s Service Page

Videos are amazing for content since they can easily be repurposed and send a signal to Google for the business’ authenticity.

Seeing someone explain how their service works on camera is one of the best things we can do for establishing trust, hence going back to appealing to Google’s E-E-A-T standards.

For our “About Us” page, there’s a bit we can improve on.

image 5
All About Pressure’s “About Us” Page

We want to show real faces and people behind the company with real examples. I’m very happy All About Pressure Cleaning doesn’t use any stock images – but the next step is showing pictures of the owner, explaining why the business was founded, and who they serve in Broward county.

The purpose of an “About Us” page is to… show Google and clients about you!

Adding real images and videos will be a great way of establishing trust and experience for users and Google alike.

What can we do to improve All About Pressure Cleaning’s website?

There’s a few things we can do immediately, besides changing the home page headlines and adding images to our about us page.

For example, as a local service business there aren’t any local service pages!

image 7
All About Pressure’s Website Main Menu

We should have at least 7 – 12 LSPs (local service pages) for our website including Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and more.

This not only sends a signal to Google that we operate in these areas, but it also helps us rank on keywords related to these specific locations.

Only instead of copy and pasting the same page with a changed keyword, we can write about our real work in each of these locations, thus adhering to E-E-A-T and sharing our existing work. Since there’s already over 100 documented images on our GMB, this shouldn’t be particularly hard to do.

We should also add PAA questions (people also ask) to our website.

PAA questions are the questions that pop up for google searches, usually under the main results. If you type in “pressure washing service” into Google, here’s an example of the types of questions that appear.

image 4
Pressure Washing PAA Examples

As a pressure washing business with years of experience, we can answer these and get a chance to appear here as answering these questions. We can even ask ChatGPT to help us out here.

I prompted ChatGPT with “My friend owns a pressure washing company in Pompano Beach, FL. What are some PAA questions they can answer on their site related to pressure washing services that they can answer to help their SEO? And can you please answer them?”

Here’s what it gave back to me:

image 10
ChatGPT’s PAA Questions

Answering these questions proved to Google that we have expertise at pressure washing and deserve to rank on these terms.

Getting on camera and answering these questions is even better – since we can also repurpose them across multiple platforms.

We should start a blog page for All About Pressure as well.

Starting a blog would allow us to write about our experiences, answer common questions, and put up press releases. It also allows us to broadcast our experience to Google and other customers.

This means we can rank on more keywords and terms while benefiting from the power of our own experience.

As a website get’s more authority, it means it can then share that to others (just like how a blog post from BlitzMetrics that is relevant will massively increase the “SEO juice” of All About Pressure Cleaning).

All About Pressure should also use the geo-grid to benefit from relevancy in Pompano Beach.

For example, Smart Coat Painting is another local service business based in Pompano Beach. By linking to them in an authentic, relevant way, we can mutually benefit from our SEO power.

This means we can promote other businesses while they promote us – all ethically and without buying links.

What can we do to start generating more calls ASAP?

Unfortunately, pressure cleaning isn’t yet an LSA category in Google.

So the next best buttons to press are PPC ads for search terms like “pressure cleaning” and others.

This can get us calls in the door quickly without much downtime, allowing us to start booking appointments this week instead of next month.

We can also launch Dollar a Day ads on Facebook to promote what’s already working for us locally. This might involve promoting blog posts and press releases, individual local service pages to super targeting communities, and more!

Point being – there’s many levers we can press immediately without breaking the bank.

Why we’re optimistic for All About Pressure Cleaning:

We have an abundance of social proof and documented work that we’re good at what we do in Broward and Palm Beach County. This is true from our almost 300 GMB reviews to our hundreds of images.

They also have videos posted and real proof of work – which is a great sign.

In other words, we’re not starting from scratch.

Digital marketing and SEO is all about amplifying what’s already working. All About Pressure Cleaning is suffering from the common problem of a great business that has poor marketing.

We have all the tools now to help them succeed and are excited to get started!

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.