Dollar a Day Course

If you could reach anyone you want on social media with just one dollar, would you do it?


Dollar a Day, our most popular online course, equips you with the principles, strategies, and most up-to-date tactics to increase your revenue and expand your personal brand, all this without guessing if you have a winning campaign or not. It combines methodology and practices to help you drive traffic and conversions immediately for as low as one dollar per day!

What the course will teach you: 

  • Dollar a Day on Facebook.
    • Dollar a Day Strategy Breakdown.
    • Strategy.
    • Creating Video For Your Topic Wheel.
    • A Little More About Strategy.
    • Location.
    • Age and Demographics.
    • How Much Money Am I Going To Spend?
    • Amplifying Authority.
    • Using Facebook Dollar a Day to influence the media to get what you want.
    • Content Strategy.
    • Identifying Signals and Testing.
    • Analyzing Results.
    • Meta Business Manager and Creating a Public Figure Page.
    • Finding Winners and Next Steps.
    • Conclusion.
  • Dollar a Day on Twitter.
    • Introduction.
    • How to Leverage Twitter as a Business Owner.
  • Dollar a Day on YouTube.
    • ADUCATE Model to Create Engaging Long Form Ads.
  • Dollar a Day on TikTok.
    • Introduction.
    • Digital Plumbing.
    • Goals.
    • Content.
    • Targeting.
    • Amplification.
    • Optimization.
    • Conclusion.

Additionally, you will learn the following:

  • When to "kill" underperforming ads.
  • Identifying posts that you should boost.
  • Targeting other audiences by using a "switch boost" on a winning ad.
  • Amplifying a post directly from your page and from Ads Manager.
  • Sequencing your posts.
  • Things to watch out for when boosting a post.

What the course won't teach you:  This course is a comprehensive training to achieve success in the Dollar a Day strategy. However, you need the right ingredients (a stellar product or service and happy clients) to make it work. If you need help getting those ingredients, this course will not cover that.

Who is this for?:  The Dollar a Day strategy amplifies what is already working well. It is not a magic pill that will instantly solve your problems. If you're an entrepreneur who wants to get more of what is already working well for you, and you have a product or service that clients rave about, and you take care of your clients, this course is for you.

Jeremy Slate, a practitioner of the Dollar a Day strategy

Richard Kaufman, a follower of the Dollar a Day strategy

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By the way, we also have the Dollar a Day Coaching Program!


This coaching program is a done-with-you service. For six consecutive weeks, you will work with Dennis to learn how to implement Dollar a Day, step by step. If you'd like to get more information about the program, please click the button below.

Here's Liana Ling sharing her experience with the program

Chris Scott realizing the power of Dollar a Day