Benefits of Checklists and Templates

This is an extract from Tom Ferry Podcat Experience with Jason Pantana and me, where we discussed the benefits of checklists and templates and employing virtual assistants for repetitive tasks.

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Processes and Training

You don’t want to think about what you do during your day, and if you have assistance or people that work on your marketing team or whatever, you don’t want to have to tell them what to do every single time.

Think about how much of your time is spent doing repetitive things. The difference between a seven-figure agent and one getting started is that the former doesn’t do repetitive stuff.

Most people who first come into our program spend three or four hours a day doing repetitive stuff. But you can get that time back.

So if there’s a set of checklists and templates that I know to fit the video into – here’s a one-minute video, and here’re these different templates for a one-minute video – so, when a video comes in, which templates should I use?

Trained Virtual Assistants Do the Job

checklists and templates

The VAs have enough judgment because they come through our training program. And these VAs are paid $3, $4 an hour to do that.

The VA gets the video, determines what the video is about and who the person is, uses all the things that we know from a digital marketing point of view, makes sure that the headline reads as it should, create captions as most people are watching the video now, not actually listening to it,  and then they go ahead and upload it natively to each of your pieces.

And all that for $3 an hour, which is $500 a month full-time. Can you imagine someone who’s college-trained working for you full-time? Very loyal.

You could hire these college kids for $1000, $2,000 a month, whatever the minimum wage is in the US, but the key is they’re not going to stay with you. So when you make that three or four-month investment in training them, what happens? They leave.

So the thing with VAs is they will stay with you. It’s not because they’re cheaper. That’s what the pros know.

We have an army of VAs, and we’ve done a lot of work.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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