How to Leverage Google My Business to Drive Leads

This is an extract from Tom Ferry Podcat Experience with Jason Pantana and me, where we discussed the importance of setting up the Google My Business Page.

Google my busines

If you want to drive leads, buyers, and sellers,  phone calls, it will be inside Google My Business because it is a local play.

Google’s so smart that they can infer local. So, for example, they know the difference between New York Pizza versus pizza in New York. So if you’re not in what’s called the local three-pack, you’re not in the game.

You could do all the social media stuff. But for sure, the number one driver will be Google for Google My Business.

The Link Between Google My Business and Google Local Services Ads

Now in real estate, there’s something called Google Local Service ads.

Suppose you’ve not pimped out your GMB profile with Q&A, photos, videos, and reviews with at least four and a half stars but instead spend money on the monthly budget for Google Local Service ads; it’s not going to work. Google Local Service ads are writing the ads using what’s in your GMB.

GMB and your Google Local Service Ads are equivalent to one-minute videos and a dollar-a-day strategy. They go together, One gets the traffic, and the other one’s where they go to.

Set Up Google My Business Page

So, you have got to have your Google My Business page and photos, put content there as you put on your website, on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and everything else.

You say to whoever’s publishing all your content that you need it on your Google My Business page. And you post updates. It’s a mini website. They expire every week. So you have to post at least once a week. You can get this done through your assistants or VAs.

If you are wondering how to get so much content, just repurpose content. For example, turn 60-minute videos into video snippets, blog posts, and even ebooks. You’re crossposting any content that lives anywhere; you can automatically post it everywhere else. That’s what you have to do.

And then you boost it; then you run ads; then you run Google Local Service ads and Facebook for a dollar a day.

For real estate, the focus should be on getting seller reviews. It’s more customary for a would-be seller to search for the best real estate agent in his location. And the stronger the location authority of your Google My business, the greater the likelihood it will appear in the search results.

And when they start reading reviews, they have sellers. So all of a sudden, it’s creating a really strong case for an awesome listing agent.

Also, in Google Local Services Ads, there is a feature to categorize into segments of buyers and sellers like transferee, first-time moves, first-time buyers, move-up buyers, and so on. And having all of those broken down on your website. You can check the box and toggle it on or off. So those are the ones your Google My business needs to focus on with the reviews.

Also, there’s a section where you can book appointments. You want to fill that out. There’s a section for Q&A, and even if no one’s asked any questions, you can ask the questions and answer them yourself – put in five questions and then answer them.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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