Crafting Persuasive Real Estate Marketing Content that Drives Customer Action

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During a recent conversation with Kyle Strohschein and Chris Scott, we delved into the realm of lead generation campaigns and explored strategies to enhance the downstream funnel for greater impact in the real estate industry.

I provided insights and tips on developing compelling content to elevate the effectiveness of our dollar-a-day campaign. Additionally, we examined the significance of retargeting video views and unravel the core elements that trigger people to sign up for webinars.

The Reverse Customer Journey

Rather than following the conventional top-down approach, we adopt the Reverse Customer Journey perspective. By analyzing what prompts individuals to pay for your programs after attending webinars, you can uncover invaluable content that should be emphasized in the earlier stages. Understanding the specific words, thoughts, or experiences that lead to webinar sign-ups enables you to construct a powerful content strategy.

As potential customers encounter a range of boosted content, it is essential to identify the pivotal moment or catalyst that triggers their decision to sign up for a webinar. This catalyst could be an external event in their life or business, or it could be the revelation that your webinars exist. Understanding this critical factor empowers us to tailor our content specifically around it, creating a more focused and persuasive messaging approach.

Content Forms and Call-to-Action

While various content formats can be explored, it is crucial to align the form with the essence of the subject matter. For instance, if we have a lead magnet that directly addresses a particular problem, such as a real estate listing package or a tutorial on a specific topic, showcasing images or videos featuring the solution can be highly effective. The focus should be on highlighting the object that solves their problem. Consequently, the exact form of the content, whether it’s a one-minute video, a carousel ad, or something else, becomes less significant compared to the content’s relevance and impact.

Building an Audience: The Key to Real Estate Success

Chris Scott highlighted one of the biggest challenges in the real estate industry, which is the scarcity of listings, and we discussed ways to overcome the challenge.

We need to find believable sources for obtaining listings. Webinars play a crucial role in content strategy. For instance, if a webinar is about a listing presentation, provide valuable information and insights throughout the session. Towards the end, for instance, introduce your five-step real estate marketing system that offers a consistent way to secure listings in any market. By showcasing your tools, content, and expertise, you can create a demand for the solutions you offer.

Additional suggestions for the content:

  1. Exploring Different Approaches: Where there is already an advantage of the viewers’ extended watch time, we can experiment with various combinations of hooks, main content, and calls to action in our videos. By mixing and matching different elements, we can create mini funnels within a single video.
  2. Leveraging Retargeting: By retargeting viewers who have watched certain videos, we can introduce them to related content that highlights your five-step real estate marketing system. This approach can be effective in keeping the audience engaged and interested.
  3. Prioritizing YouTube and Audience Building: YouTube presents a significant opportunity to build an audience and establish your presence. By focusing on creating valuable content and prioritizing audience growth, you can leverage this platform to your advantage. Developing an engaged audience will be more beneficial in the long run compared to paying for access to someone else’s audience.
  4. Text Message Marketing: Incorporating text messages as a communication channel can be highly effective, especially for agents who are frequently on the move. Collecting phone numbers and utilizing text messages as a strong channel for delivering content and offers can enhance your overall marketing strategy.
  5. Providing Valuable Insights: Instead of leading with your products or services, you should prioritize delivering valuable insights and information to your audience. By addressing common obstacles and offering solutions, you can establish trust and credibility, making your audience more receptive to your offerings.
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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