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We’re going to do an audit of Nicole Kelly who has a social media agency focused on chiropractors by looking at her website and see how does it do against our strategy assessment. You can run the same if you’re an agency owner, or if you want to help agency owners, you can do the same thing.

Your website should have the basics:

  • It should have a picture. 
  • Information about how you help your client
  • You’ve got social proof from the podcast that you’re on, social mentions, and the organizations that you work with.

What you’re trying to do with the website is if you’re a chiropractor (for this case study) the site is the place to go because I’ve got all the training to do with digital marketing and systems rather than tech.

However, it is very important to also make sure that the website is achieving your business goal which is for this example:

  • to drive more consulting
  • drive more people to join the group,
  • collect more emails
  • drive more software sales
  • align your social subluxation

Want to know what the common mistakes done by people on their websites? Below are the lists:

1. Putting “Give me your email address” or “Subscribe” 

You don’t want to do that. If you want their emails, call it a newsletter or tips.

Show a little picture of it where people can see it like come get it and put it in your email address instead of not being clear about what they are going to get. 

2. Don’t put the buttons in Red like something is wrong

Red usually means bad warning, alert, overheating, and police alarm.

3. Put real pictures or videos on the site instead of Stock Photos

If the site is about Nicole, then we need to have Nicole. 

As most people are not even going to notice this, they’re going to see the smiling girl, but she has her arms crossed. Which is either a sign of confidence or it’s a sign of standoffishness. So generally when you have someone who’s smiling and has their arms crossed, that is less likely to drive leads.

So just don’t do the arms crossed. Don’t do the hands on the hips either. Cause that means that you’re mad or something. Look, look like you’re more friendly and inviting, 

5. Social Media Buttons should be driving a degree of link juice

Social Media Buttons on the bottom should link to your Social media profiles.

6. Not building that email list or your email list not monetizing.

7. Not able to cross traffic between different channels. 

So you want to use your website to drive people to social.  Social drive people to the website as email to Social Media. 

So we’re looking at three different worlds that are intersecting worlds of social, which are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and your website which includes Google.

So Google and website SEO and PPC are all synonymous. And then the world of messaging– Email, text messaging and chatbots. 

So we want to see the traffic crossing between all of these worlds. 

8. It’s not clear what it is that you want people to do.

There are lots of programs and content on your website but not really clear what you want people to really do when they go to your website. 

You can instead put a segment of “Why not work with Nicole?”

Why not make this about Nicole? Why not have a video at the top saying, “Hey, Nicole Kelly, here, I am so glad you’re in the right place. You’re a chiropractor and digital marketing is confusing to you. I’ve got training and I’d love to be able to help you grow it so we can keep in touch. I’d love to send you a free gift. My 10 digital marketing secrets for 2021 for chiropractors. Go ahead and put your email address down here.”

9. Putting buttons at the top


And I understand why people would want to have the button above the site because you might be thinking that if you put the buttons above, more people are going to click on it, but the psychology is that people have to know you and like you before they can trust you and click on what you are selling. 

Note that before anyone can click on the word, “Join” or “Subscribe”, it needs to be very clear on:

  1. Who is Nicole? 
  2. What’s her content. 
  3. What benefit is there? 
  4. What authority does she have? 

10. Instead of a website that says, “I’ve got a lot of content”, make sure that your website contents convert. 

You have to prove why your content is better than YouTube. YouTube is free. Why would I be willing to pay for this content? So, you’ve got to answer that question. I need to know that there’s some kind of assurance. Make it clear that if this is a business investment, make it very clear that there’s a reason why they should opt. What can they get? 


  • So that we can become a top 5% chiropractor. So if I go through this digital marketing mastermind, I’m getting coaching, I have a program and this is how I can become a top 5% chiropractor, which means a top 5% chiropractor gets these kinds of results on average.

There might be no limit to the amount of content there is out there so you don’t ever really want to position your website as content. You want to position it as access that is unique to training and tips that only the experts have that you can’t get anywhere else. Because YouTube and all this are free. 

There has to be something that creates scarcity but in a nonfake way.

Want to know how exactly one create ‘great content,’, especially with limited resources? Here is a Content Marketing Course that will help you out. 

11. Building authority is not just being on people’s podcasts.

You have to have those podcasts link to your website. 

You need to go look at your Google search console and do a proper SEO audit to figure out why you are getting hurt.

So a lot of people don’t realize that just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you’re going to rank on keywords and the way you rank is you have to have enough Juice. And to do that,  you have to have enough links that are coming into your website that help you use that juice to rank on the keywords you want to rank on.

So the more content you have, the more you can rank.

Generally, if you’re a local business, you want to have at least 100 and there are different pages. If you are consulting or an agency, we’d like to see 500 plus, because you’ve got to have a lot more than the client because you’re more than just a local site serving chiropractors nationwide or even worldwide.

So B2B by definition is going to be way more, so 500 pages, a thousand pages we’re looking for because when you build out the topic wheel, which is the structure of your content, that naturally just lends itself to having way more content.

Copy of Topic Wheel

And we can see what the top URLs are. The home page, of course, is the one we expect to be able to have the most juice, but we also see the podcast, which is a great way to create content. And it’s even showing up here inside the snippets, which is great. We can see other things related to our business page.

Other tools that you may need:

  • Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other pixels. 
  • The free tool on Google
  • Google analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Google remarketing which is Google ads 

I like to use SEMrush as I think SEMrush is better for overall PPC SEO, Social Media. For those who want to do just SEO, I like HRS. 

You’ve got to have lots of tools in your toolbox. 

Know what else drives the algorithm for Authority? Here is an Office Hours Episode that explains just that.

12. Doing PR Submissions

You can submit stuff for free but that doesn’t work anymore. It’s a no-follow and it’s a spammy kind of thing to do so do not submit the PR sites unless you know what you’re doing.

This has been used to work 20 years ago. Do you think Google sees this and does not detect that those sites linking to you did not carry any authority? 

It will look like someone is trying to trick Google by submitting to these PR submission sites. That’s going to hurt you as a site. 

Know what else might be screwing you aside from your website? Here are common mistakes people do on Social Media Channels:

1. Public Figure Page should be named after your own Profile so it looks more user-friendly. 

2. No likes, shares, or comments on Social Media Pages. 

3. Make LinkedIn Headline using the XYZ Model


I help X achieve Y through Z. For example: “I help chiropractors succeed in digital marketing through my level two training program.”

Because what most people do, which is super common, is the mistake that they just put their job title, they put their company like, “I’m the CTO of whatever this company is, or I’m the vice president of something, or I’m the founder of such and such company”. That’s great for you. That’s a vanity thing but what is it, that you care about in your community and your clients, what is it that you’re doing for them?

So it should be “So I help chiropractors get successful in Facebook ads, get patients through Facebook ads” and such. 

Want to know what else you can do to Leverage your LinkedIn Account?

4. Posting a Youtube Video to Facebook

Can you imagine the number of people that are screwing themselves by posting a YouTube video on Facebook? That’s like driving Honda into a Toyota dealership. So when you have a video to share, share LinkedIn video on LinkedIn, Facebook video on Facebook, and Youtube on YouTube.

Upload those videos natively. It’s a little bit more effort, but if you want to get traffic, that’s the way to go.

5. Double Posting or Triple Posting

You should space these posts apart no more than twice a day as when you do multiple posts, then the most current posts will wipe out the previous posts. 

So try to have high engagement posts, and follow the techniques that we teach in how to do stuff on LinkedIn. 

6. Show in your Social Media Channels that there is conversation. 

You want to show that there’s a conversation. If you’re posting stuff, but there’s no engagement. Troubleshoot the issue of why there is none instead of doing the same thing over and over again expecting that it will pick up traffic later.

So if you want to look at social search marketing, for example, we’ll see their top keywords, see what content they have, and see what you need to do to grab traffic from other people. So you can always compare against other folks, which is really what search engine optimization is. It is a competitive ranking because there are only 10 spots on the first page.

And we really want to be in the first three, because when you are not, then you’re missing out on a lot of content here.

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