Unlocking the Power of Google Knowledge Panels and Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Knowledge Panel

Dennis Yu Google Knowledge Panel

This guide will teach you the process of claiming an already generated/triggered Google Knowledge Panel. It is very detailed and can be easily followed. By the time you finish reading this guide, you will be well on your way to claiming your triggered Google Knowledge Panel.

Task Checklist

Claiming Your Google Knowledge Panel

  • Seach for your name
  • Copy your panel link
  • Click "Claim this knowledge panel"
  • Click “GET VERIFIED"
  • Sign in with your Google Account for Google Search Console
  • Select if:
    • you are claiming the panel for yourself,
    • or claiming for another entity.
  • Fill in and provide the required info and assets.

Tools and Access you need:

  • Access to Google Search Console.
  • Official Documentation.
  • Email Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Official Website and Social Media Links, and
  • High-Quality Images and Videos.

Unlocking the Power of Google Knowledge Panels

Google Knowledge Panels: Why They’re Important

In today’s digital age, having a Google Knowledge Panel can significantly enhance your online presence and credibility. Just search “Dennis Yu” on Google, and you’ll see a comprehensive knowledge panel that showcases essential information about him. If you’re eager to have your knowledge panel, we’ve compiled a practical guide to help you trigger it. Follow the seven steps below or let our team assist you in the process.

Steps To Unlocking Your Knowledge Panel

1) Get your name as a domain

To establish yourself as the definitive authority, securing a domain with your name is crucial. By owning the entity home, you position yourself as the primary source of information, ensuring you claim the top spot.

2) Trigger the knowledge panel via specific searches

Test the waters by conducting increasingly specific searches related to your name. By analyzing the results and observing any knowledge panel triggers, you can gain insights into the factors that influence its appearance.

3) Claim all your socials

Expand your online presence by claiming all your social media accounts, both personal and company entities. Utilize our convenient Google Sheet template to streamline the process and ensure you have a comprehensive digital footprint.

4) Assess your SEO power

Evaluate your search engine optimization (SEO) strength by checking the authority of at least three contributor accounts with a domain rating (DR) of 40+. These accounts should be associated with your name and contribute to reputable websites.

5) Follow the steps to rank on your name

Even if you don’t have a physical retail location, implementing strategies to rank high on search engine results for your name is essential. Follow the guidelines provided in this article to maximize your visibility and improve your chances of triggering a Google Knowledge Panel.

6) Establish basic digital plumbing

Ensure that your online presence is fully optimized for search engines. Implement necessary technical configurations, such as setting up Google Analytics, so that Google can accurately track and evaluate your website’s traffic.

7) Leverage social media advertising

Utilize platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your personal website and top articles. Running cost-effective advertising campaigns, such as Dollar a Day, can increase traffic and engagement, leading to a stronger online presence.


– Dealing with a shared name

If you share your name with a celebrity or public figure, don’t worry. You can still succeed by generating more traffic to your name using strategic advertising campaigns. By investing a small budget into targeted marketing efforts, you can increase your chances of dominating the search results.

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– Inability to trigger the knowledge panel

If you cannot trigger the knowledge panel or it appears incomplete, try conducting related searches to identify the knowledge graph ID. Once you have the ID, follow the straightforward Google verification process to rectify the issue.

– Issues with Google verification

Google verification can sometimes be challenging due to name confusion, especially if your personal information is on your company website or vice versa. It’s crucial to have separate personal brand and company websites that can link to each other but serve distinct purposes. Addressing these discrepancies can help smoothen the verification process.

Take Care of It or Let Us Do It for You

Unlocking the power of Google Knowledge Panels requires a strategic approach and attention to detail. By following these seven steps, you’ll be well on your way to triggering a knowledge panel that showcases your expertise and establishes your online authority. If you need expert assistance, our team is ready to guide you through the process. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your online presence and boost your credibility with a Google Knowledge Panel.

Claiming Your Google Knowledge Panel

Click the 3 dots and click "share"

Copy the link and save it somewhere

Go back and click “Claim knowledge panel”


You will be required to sign in with your gmail. Select “Search Console”

Select the account that has access to the website's Google Search Console property:

After logging in to the GSC account with the right email, you should see this page:

You’re claiming the knowledge panel for yourself:

Google will need these info from you:
  • Your name, organization, or entity name (required):

  • Why you want to claim the knowledge panel (required),

  • Your full legal name as shown in any of your government-approved photo identification (required),

  • Your country (required),

  • Your language (required),

  • A selfie of you while holding your government approved ID. Make sure the selfie is not blurry and text is legible (required):

  • Additional selfie with another government approved ID (optional),

  • Web Profiles (optional):
    Your website address,
    - Your social media profile links. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok.

  • You will need to provide your web profile screenshots:

NOTE: Google may require additional information to complete the verification process, and this might delay the verification process.

If you are verifying or claiming for someone else or another entity:

Google will need these info from you:
  • If you represent this person, organization, or entity in an official capacity (required):

  • Why you are claiming the knowledge panel (required),

  • The knowledge panel you want to claim. Here, you’ll paste link you copied earlier:

  • Your full legal name as shown in government-approved photo identification (required),

  • Business verification to confirm that you are acting on behalf of the entity, you’ll need to provide a business document that explains your relationship to the entity you represent (required):

  • Your country (required),

  • Your language (required),

  • Your selfie with ID (your selfie of you holding any government approved identity card) (required),

  • You can also upload an additional selfie image (optional):

  • Web Profiles for the entity you are claiming the knowledge panel for- not your own. This is the entity website address and social media profile links (optional)

NOTE: Google may require additional information to complete the verification process, and this might delay the verification process.

That's it. You're done. Good job!

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Verification Checklist

The Google Knowledge Panel is advised to meet the following criteria before it can be triggered and claimed:

#1. The entity's name and branding should be consistent across various platforms to avoid confusion.

#2. Notable Online Presence including a website, social media profiles, and mentions from reputable sources, are more likely to have a Knowledge Panel generated.

#3. Information available online about the entity should be consistent across various platforms and sources. Inaccurate or conflicting information might lead to issues with the Knowledge Panel.

#4. Information from trustworthy sources, such as official websites, reputable directories, and established news organizations, is given more weight.

#5. Achievements, awards, or publications can increase the chances of having a Knowledge Panel.

#6. Local businesses and organizations are often more likely to have Knowledge Panels, especially if they are well-established and have a strong local presence.