The Six Phase Filtering Process

You have the opportunity to earn USD 500 per month with this unique training program. You can find out more about the six phase filtering process of VA roles and decide which one is right for you by reading on.

The Six Phase Filtering Process
The Six Phase Filtering Process

First Phase

Receive response to post

Second Phase:

Reply with click “Hey [INSERT NAME]”

Watch this video carefully to understand what we do and why so many companies want to work with us:

Video: Let’s Talk Growth – Dennis Yu

Then make a one-minute video about what you’ve learned, posting it to your profile and including the video link.

Start a new thread with the subject line including JACKRABBIT with a link to your video.

This is how we’ll evaluate your ability to learn quickly, follow directions, and take action.

What we care more about is not where you currently are, but your daily, regular progress.

In most companies, pay is contentious because the favoritism and an inability to measure individual value creates politics.

Most companies also have a fixed structure that doesn’t allow people to keep progressing and get direct help with their goals.

In fact, the advancement of one person comes at the expense of others, since most companies have limited “spots”.

There is no zero-sum in our company.

If you can demonstrate competency through repeated execution, then you deserve advancement and company-wide praise for it.

The time span for each level is not a union model, where you get automatic advancement after X amount of time.

This creates the right incentive system.

What we’d like to see is that some senior VAs grow to be able to run a team that executes packages– to then have P&L responsibility that comes at Level 6+ in the US-based specialist system.

In short, isn’t it better to come in a bit on the “low side” and be quickly promoted, than to come in slightly high and have scrutiny?

And to know that you read it and watched the accompanying video, kindly like, share, and comment on the article.

Thank you!”

Third Phase:

After they respond to your first email, reply with “Hey [INSERT NAME],

Now go deeper and watch this TWO HOUR internal strategy: Show us you understand the nuances here and tell us what you think– disagreement, personal application to you, and so forth. Not promotion– education.

Share your response in whatever format you think showcases your strengths and understanding best– to reveal interesting, non-obvious points.

Video: Phoenix Day 3 RAW Triangles: Specialist: Finance 

And then send a note to me with this, recapping your understanding of the job post and why we have such a process to prevent failure, while encouraging iteration. Use JACKALOPE in the subject line, which puts you in the final stage of candidates.”

Fourth Phase:

After they respond to your second email, if they’re still interested and seem to be a good fit, reply with “The last phase”

It’s a two step process:

First HR will interview you and if you pass, you’ll be interviewed one on one by Dennis himself.

VA Development Plan

Refer to this regarding your development plan:

Linked are the templates for both the goals sheet and a proposed development plan.

Here are some of the hard skills (tools-based) for $1 an hour that you could develop and why they’re valuable:

• Infusionsoft: to clone Campaign Builder funnels for our courses and operational processes for agency clients.

• Facebook ads: to execute personal branding packages and general remarketing sequences to drive list building and revenue.

• Reporting tools (Tableau, Google Data Studio, Excel, MySQL): to do detailed brand analysis and create relevant charts/ presentations.

• Various video editing tools (HitFilm, Premier, Camtasia, FCP): to produce speaker reels, course summaries, promotional videos, and other assets fit for publishing and promoting.

• Various content editing tools (Word, PowerPoint): to produce articles worth publishing on our contributor channels, reflecting pro-level expertise.

And there are soft skills (not tools-based) that are built into the 6 phase VA career path for:

Being a team lead: once you master #DDD and #CID on your own projects.

Being a manager: to show our Senior Team that you understand how to also train, encourage, discipline, hire, and fire, based on our Operations Process.

Figurehead: Through your own well-documented examples, develop detailed checklists for other VAs to follow, and have proof that hundreds of VAs have been able to achieve the result from following your checklists in that skill area, with minimum support along the way.

5th phase- On-boarding process:

If an applicant has passed your screening, send a job offer email

Hi, {Name}!

{Personalized Note}

After discussing with the team, we decided that you are a great fit for {CompanyName}! 

We’re excited to bring you on board as an {JobTitle} starting at {HourlyRate}.

You will learn about our Level 1 Specialist Course. We will help you create a path to reach your Professional targets with {Company Name} and be available to help along with your team members, including me!

Your official start date will be {Date}.

If you would like to accept, please reply YES to “reply to all” in the next 3 days. If you have any questions please let us know. We are excited to have you on the team, I know you will do great!

You should on-board your new VA with all your assets including a new email, basecamp or project management account, business manager account, boomerang, timecamp or time tracking account, and give them any training courses you want them to take.

6th phase- Leveling Up:

You should want your VA to grow and continue to tune their skill set. You should also want to reward them for this because they will start to provide even more value to your business. As they are cared for and see their progression they will continue to do better work.