Targeting Checklist

On Facebook, we know they have a ton of data which is why so many people appeal to this channel. So you can target just about anyone you want to whether you are b2b, b2c, whatever your user is, these checklists go through the process of how you can access whomever your target market is and how you can send the correct content to those people. There are 3 types of audiences; custom, saved, and lookalike audiences. We will teach you how to create these audiences the right way so they drive results for you.

❏ Import your customer’s and lead’s emails into Facebook and Google as custom audiences.
❏List potential targets on Facebook and Twitter – direct interests related to your brand, names of closest competitors, common interests your customers share, industry influencers your customers and competitors follow, and people working at the media firms.
❏ Create saved target audiences on Facebook for cold traffic – consider targeting by employer, job title, and interest.
❏ Create 1% lookalike audience for each major landing page, thank you page, and email list.
❏ Amplify a video and create video remarketing audiences.
❏ Create your first Website Custom Audience on Facebook.
❏ Create 1-, 30-, and 180-day audiences (Website Custom Audiences) site-wide, for each major landing page and thank you page.
❏ Create a free dashboard to track analytics and ad performance at (