The BlitzMetrics Social Amplification Course

Why Social Amplification?

The Social Amplification Engine follows a proven processes to increase your visibility, grow your awareness, supercharge engagement, drive leads, and end-conversion goals. Go beyond just a single channel to take advantage of cross- channel marketing.

Following the 6 stages; Plumbing, Goals, Content, Targeting, Amplification, and Optimization, you can amplify what’s already working for your business.

Social media advertising is less about advertising and more about paid Word of Mouth. It relies upon the content marketing engine to Generate and Collect authority.

Relevancy is the intersection of Content and Targeting, whether Google Quality Score or Facebook Relevance Score.

The chaining of messaging is called Sequencing, also known as Marketing Automation in the email space and People-Based Marketing by Facebook.

Social Strategy is the unique intersection of Goals, Content, and Targeting. They are Channel and Tool Independent. 

Conversely, Social Media Tactics change constantly, can be delegated, and are repeatable. They are Channel and Tool Dependent, driven by Checklists.

The three components of successful social selling are People, Process and Platform (technology). Not interchangeable.

This course is for anyone who wants to follow a proven process that will generate results consistently.

Have us implement all 6 packages in one!

Facebook amplifies what’s already working, as we’ve learned from the Warriors case study  that Facebook released. Since this is a proven STRATEGY (not tactics) this process works for all platforms, not just Facebook.

Custom audiences = people-based marketing = remarketing = sequences across channels = word of mouth at scale.
So custom audiences allow us to market cross-channel to amplify where fans are already engaging in the stadium, in the app, in our email sequences, on our website, via our Google channels, and anywhere we can place a tag. We can track all of this through Digital Plumbing. 

We have grown these audiences and nurtured them through funnel stages of awareness > engagement > conversion. The ticketing and merchandise revenue we drive is a direct function of how well we have nurtured these engagement audiences-- for example, with the Golden State Warriors organic efforts during the pre-season and boosted posts that have already performed well organically.  

If you are a business owner or Marketing Manager for a small businesses that has at least $1 million in sales, we can implement this same process for you. We will help you implement all 6 stages of the Social Amplification Engine. 

Kenny Lauer Lead Marketing and Digital @ Golden State Warriors

Lead Marketing and Digital Experiences @ Golden State Warriors

Dennis has not only been amazing with us at the Warriors, but someone I consider a great friend.

Larry Kim Founder of WordStream, Inc.

Founder of WordStream, Inc

Dennis Yu is incredibly knowledgeable about Facebook ads. Follow him immediately!

Phil Mershon Founder and CEO at The Man in the Pew Show

The future of social media marketing is bright with guys like Dennis, helping people and brands figure out how to optimize their strategies.

Mari Smith Facebook Marketing Expert

Dennis Yu is the King of Facebook ads.

Paul Fabretti Director, Social Media - Office Marketing at Microsoft

Office Marketing at Microsoft

Dennis shows again, why he’s not only one of the smartest but most generous people I know. Even if you know a ton, this is really valuable.

Rich Castellano, Author, Founder

Author, Founder Image Lift, Speaker, LinkedIn LION

I love Dennis – He is Brilliant and has given me very valuable insight for our social media – Thank you for your support!!!

Eric Ludwig Former Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Rosetta Stone

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Rosetta Stone

Who’s better than Dennis Yu? If someone meets that person, please introduce me to them.

Rich Thurman Founder/Owner of Think, Automate & Grow

Think, Automate, Grow University of Phoenix

Not gonna lie, Dennis Yu, in the span of just an hour, dropped some knowledge that will change the entire course of my future! #genius