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The Content Engine retainer package serves as the base of our six-phase Social Amplification Engine (SAE). This package will amplify your reach across multiple social media channels, while simultaneously working to improve your organic ranking on Google.

We get Google Ads (especially local service ads) running first, so we can get data and leads immediately-- then run Facebook ads, typically one month later.

We can do light boosting and remarketing on Facebook in advance of the Facebook conversion campaigns, applying the Dollar a Day method. This will be $200-300 a month to begin testing and will take a few weeks to build engagement and find winning posts.

Who is this for? Small or medium business owners and entrepreneurs who have an existing business generating at least $250,000 in annual revenue and would like expert help in implementing their Facebook and Google ad campaigns. They must be willing to produce engaging 1-minute videos with their cell phones. Some of Real Estate, Chiropractors, Dentists, Doctors, and other businesses.

Who is this not for? This is not for companies that have a marketing department or work with multiple agencies, we designed it to interact with just one person. This is not for business that are just launching, as we need to know the attributes of people who are already buying. If you are selling MLM, adult, gambling, wealth-creation or related products, this package is not for you. Agencies are okay.

What are we doing for you? Content amplification as a done-for-you service, as taught in our course, with light ads optimization, light content strategy. Steadily increase your overall online ranking and Improve your online presence.

What are we not doing?  This is not a business start-up program-- we are using Facebook and Google to amplify what’s already driving sales and leads. We are not creating your content and landing pages--you must have a website that already converts. This is not a training program, this is our implementing it for you. We have a Conversion Engine package for $2,500 that focuses on lead gen.

When: Monthly package with 90 day ramp-up. 

How: With an account manager you can talk to, who manages a team of implementation specialists. $1,000 per month and ad spend at no markup.

Project Timeline: Days 1 to 10

Task # 1: Access Audit 
In the first phase of the Content Engine (Digital Plumbing) our team will work with you to gain access to your digital assets, which are referenced under section 1 of the Content Engine. 

Task # 2 - Digital Plumbing - Pre-Requisite, completion of task # 1
The second part of the Digital Plumbing phase is executed by our team to establish tracking for your source traffic, which includes your Facebook Pixel, website traffic, and remarketing audiences and page fans.

Task # 3: Strategy Assessment
You will need to submit your strategy assessment for us to understand how to measure our results against your goals, content, and targeting. This is the foundation of how we determine what you consider successful in your campaigns, content that you should create and promote, and who should be targeted.

Task # 4: Create Snapshot Report
We will create a Snapshot Report for you that serves as a report card for your online presence. The goal is to steadily increase your overall ranking to 90% or higher, if you wish to be in the top 10% within your industry regarding your online presence.

Task # 5: Content Library
We will create, and manage, a Content Library where we house and organize your top contents, all of your posts, and keep track of your positive media mentions. Just like how Netflix arranges a selection of thousands of shows, a  Content Library is essential to spread your message effectively to your audience, and yourself, by creating authority over time with the positive mentions you've collected and insert it into articles as part of your public figure page.

Task # 6: Success Tracker
We will create, and manage, a Success Tracker, a key document here at BlitzMetrics as it's used as the main interface for tracking your project. As a business owner you want to be working on your business instead of working in your business and this document will help you immensely. This document is updated on a monthly basis to track measurable results for your project, actionable items, an executive summary of key points, and detailed information regarding the entirety of your project.

Project Timeline: Days 11 to 15

Task # 7: 3 x 3 Video Grid
We will work with you to organize a 3 x 3 video grid that will be used to build the foundation for your content. This consists of 3 WHY, 3 HOW, and 3 WHAT videos to fulfill a full grid.

Project Timeline: Days 16 to 45

Task # 8: Facebook Dollar A Day Strategy - Pre-Requisite, completion of task # 7
The Facebook Dollar a Day strategy will be used in three phases:
  • 7 Day Boost: A test period to determine which videos meet our Standard of Excellence to move into the next phase.
  • 30 Day Boost: If a video meets our standard of excellence, it will be boosted for an additional 30 days.
  • Evergreen: Once a video has completed the 7 day and 30 day boost period, the video will be placed in your Content Library as a Greatest Hits. The video will be sent to our editing team and reposted to run continuously, while being monitored for optimal performance.

Task # 9: Cross Posting
All videos included in the 3 x 3 grid will be cross-posted to your Google My Business page, YouTube, and converted into a blog post to increase your presence on Google for organic search results.

Take # 10: Google Local Service Ads
Gain further trust and credibility with potential customers by using Google Local Services ads to help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls or messages you directly through the ad.

Timeline: 90 Days For Execution

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$1,000 Monthly Retainer

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$1,000 Monthly Retainer