How to Crosspost a Photo or Video to a Google Business Profile

(formerly known as Google My Business)

Why Google?

It's because that's where most local businesses get their clients from. There's also word-of-mouth, but Google beats that because you can get the information instantly.

Plus, you also get to see reviews, get directions, photos, and a lot more in a matter of seconds - and people love that. Going where your prospects are is the best way to generate new customers.

From the business perspective, Google provides all the free tools that help businesses, such as Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, Google Ads, and much more.

The basics of it come down to this–90% of your business is driven by Google Business Profile for any merchant or business. So I don't care if you're a dentist, doctor, in real estate, or a lawyer. It really doesn't matter because the business that's going to come to you comes from Google.

86% of searches are done on Google, and the other thing is that Google's job with Google Business Profile is twofold:

  1. To keep you, the searcher, on Google
  2. To provide as much information about the business so that you can make an educated decision in less than five seconds

Google Business Profile is structured to give answers as quickly as possible. We all know that when Google first started, the whole idea was to provide as much information as possible, organize it, and display it.

The secondary piece of Google Business Profile that really touches on the consumers is Google Maps. Everybody uses maps, and if you've got a storefront type of business or even a service-based business, people are just going to come to Google, do a transaction, and they're going to find out about you.

They're going to be looking at your reputation right there and make a decision. That decision is going to be very binary. It's going to be "I'm going to contact you or I'm not." You've got that five seconds to get that attention.

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Qualifying Checklist

To execute this task, you will need the following:

  1. The link to the photo or video
  2. Publishing access to a Google Business account
  3. Description of the photo or video

Execution Checklist:

Step 1: Go to and log in to the account.

If Then
you have your own Google Business Profile, log in using your own email address.
you are an internal Content Factory team member, log in using
you are an external user or freelancer, log in using

Step 2: In the "Search Businesses" search box, enter the business name, and select the correct business name.


Step 3: On the left side, select Posts.


Step 4: Click the Post button.


Step 5: Add the post information.

Step 6: Add the picture or video.


Step 7: Add a description.

Keep the description under 1500 words. You can remove the title and make it shorter if it exceeds the limit, but make sure that what is left still makes sense.

Step 8: Add a CTA (Call to Action) button.

Don't forget to add links to the buttons.


Step 9: Click Post, then copy the link to the post.


Step 10: In your Content Library’s tab, fill out all relevant columns.

If Then
you are posting on your behalf, update your own Content Library.
you are posting on behalf of Content Factory, update the Content Factory Content Library.
you are posting on behalf of a client, update the client’s Content Library.

That's it! Good job!

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