Amplify your Personal Brand with Clubhouse

Today, we’re going to talk about clubhouse and I want to show you as a social media marketing agency, how to grow your brand using clubhouse. 

In Clubhouse, you can tell some stories about your own experiences, being able to get connections, learning how to speak inside of rooms and figuring out how to make the best use of your time inside it.

How does Clubhouse work? Here are some reminders:

  • You can see how many followers a person has.

It’s easy to know how many followers they have just by clicking their profile.

And to have many followers, of course you need to stand out to make people more likely to notice you.

If you really want to pimp out your profile, you can say something that’s impressive because that’s what people are going to see initially before they expand to see the whole profile.

Once you’ve got their attention, they’ll check your profile which means they can see your social media links – Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  •  Your access depends on the power you hold. 

In here, clubs are what hold the rooms. So you might hear about clubhouse from other people, but they might not show you what happens when you have a lot of power. There are people who are speakers, and moderators. Once you’re a moderator you have the power to kick and add people. And because I’m an admin, I can do all sorts of things. So if I’m just a member, I can’t edit anything.

  • You can see who’s active.

Clubhouse has this hallway where you see all the different rooms and there will be notifications that these kinds of people are inviting you. 

And sometimes I can ping people into a room – I see what is available right now.  I can see active clubs and so is the number of members who are online.

  • You can create your own event.

It’s important to give a good name for the event, open enough for people to feel that it’s good. Emojis are also pretty helpful, as these guys help the event get attention. Once I publish the event, I can tweet it.

And this is the thing that people don’t seem to tell you about. 

Clubhouse is a great way to learn if you’re in the audience. And if you’re important, maybe people will invite you to speak, share your knowledge.

App Screenshot

The small rooms are fine too. You actually have better interaction in a small room, cause there’s not as many people competing unlike the big ones.

It’s undeniably comfortable.

So in the real world, you can edit your sound and your video. You can edit all sorts of things to make things look really polished. But here on an audio-only platform, you just have to be you. 

And it has to be a genuine you, if you try to front. But honestly, like if you are you and you are authentic, people are going to gravitate to you. You’re going to build your own tribe and you’re going to find people that absolutely love you.

It’s actually less pressure than other apps, as long as you just be true to yourself. It’s the work with other people that already have large audiences, because the basic formula is that the more audience you have, the more people can see and populate your room.

So what now?

You’re going to find that the Clubhouse is going to amplify your network in ways that you would never imagine. 

You need your customers to do your work for you. Take a few customers that are doing it because they love your product, and because it’s helping them grow their business.

Clubhouse Blog

That’s going to attract other people. 

You’re like, “I admire your hustle,” although you have to start by sharing value. 

That does story shots. And you’re going to find that they do your marketing. 

You can take those pictures, you can take that and pay money to share it, and that’s when you’re looking into actually highlighting their success. 

They love seeing what else is going on. They love experiencing it vicariously. They don’t want to be sold. 

Being able to tell stories where people can look at faces and they know these little moments where people can identify with you when you capture those micro moments, you can put it on Twitter. Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik TOK, Pinterest. It doesn’t matter.

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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