Refining’s SEO Strategy: A Closer Look

SEO Audit for

Let’s dive into the recent SEO audit we did for We’re peeling back the layers to find those gems that could skyrocket their online visibility. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about making smart moves that turn clicks into customers. Ready? Let’s roll!

image 10 has a Domain Rating of 8 and ranks for approximately 11,000 keywords globally

SEO Strategy Deep Dive’s approach to SEO is grounded in a comprehensive keyword strategy. They’re working with 11,000 keywords globally, including 4,000 that specifically target the Philippine market. This strategy not only demonstrates their wide appeal but also their dedication to engaging with the local audience effectively.

image 11

Among these, “tequila,” “emperador coffee,” and “red label” stand out, suggesting a diverse range of products that resonate with their audience. The challenge here is not just about having a vast number of keywords but making sure they are effectively utilized to capture the right audience’s attention.

image 12

Over the last couple of years, has seen its traffic numbers go up steadily. This boost might have something to do with their active participation in festivals. The interesting bit is that most of this increase comes from the Philippines, with a noticeable uptick in interest from India as well. This highlights how spot-on their localized SEO strategies have been.

E-Commerce and Content Optimization

Now, onto their e-commerce setup. uses Klaviyo, which is great, but here’s where they can turn the dial up to 11. With Klaviyo now integrated with Customers.AI, it’s like unlocking a new level in a video game. This combo means they can supercharge their remarketing efforts, making sure they’re not just capturing interest but converting it.

image 13
Interesting finding: some product pages are getting much more traffic compared to the homepage

The audit highlighted that product pages, especially for Johnny Walker Black and Hennessy, are drawing significant traffic, more so than the homepage. This insight is crucial as it directs the focus towards optimizing these product pages for better user experience and information clarity. 

The pages’ popularity, particularly for pricing information, suggests that customers are in the decision-making phase by the time they visit. Enhancing these pages with comprehensive product details, clear pricing, and easy navigation could lead to higher conversion rates. It’s about making it easy for customers to hit “buy.”

Price Points: The Missing Link

image 14

Take the Johnny Walker Black Label, priced at 1,300 Filipino pesos. It’s got traffic, ranking for 170 keywords, yet, there’s a gap. The page lacks detailed information. Here’s an opportunity to bridge that gap, turning curiosity into sales.

Backlink Strategy and Wrap-Up stands at a Domain Rating (DR) of 8, which is a start but not where they could be. 

image 16

Most of their backlinks originate from the same domain, Additionally, they recently acquired a do-follow link from “,” which is valuable. 

image 15

However, it’s time to diversify, aiming for a DR of 30 or 40. Securing more diverse, authoritative backlinks could shoot their DR up. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality.

So, what’s the game plan for 

  • Sharpen those keywords. 
  • Double down on local SEO. 
  • Merge Klaviyo with Customers.AI for a remarketing boost. 
  • Spruce up those product pages. 
  • And get those backlinks from a wider array of sources.

Now over to you: How are you making SEO work for your local insights? Ready to blend e-commerce with smart AI for unbeatable remarketing?

If you’re looking to take your local business’s online presence up a notch, consider a personalized SEO audit at Let’s unlock your digital marketing’s full potential, together.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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