How to Pass Link Juice

This is an extract from Tom Ferry Podcat Experience with Jason Pantana and me, where we discussed the importance of passing link juice, which is posting your content on other powerful sites.

link juice

What is Link Juice from Sites with High Domain Rank

Look for link juice. You can put all the content you want and all the best reviews. But you are missing something powerful if you don’t pass link juice, which is when other sites link to you.

Link Juice from Sites with High Domain Rank

So let’s say that there is my site with a domain rank of 63, which is like an earthquake Richter scale thing. And then there’s Tom’s site. So let’s say Tom writes a blog post on “Here are the five kinds of reviews you need to get,” and it’s posted on my site. So then I link it back to Tom’s site.

You post your content on other people’s sites, which allows you to link in. So let’s say that The Dallas Morning News writes about you. You want that article to link to you, or you go to Papa Jones, your favorite restaurant, and write a review there. Or maybe you do some charity thing, or you’re part of the little league team or whatever it might be, and you write a guest blog post over there that links to you.

So the reason why my site has so much power is, when I’m on CNN, which has a 91 DR power linking to my site, in front of three and a half million people – live talk – arguing with Mark Zuckerberg, that’s pouring so much juice to my site.

So think about your website. Who are all of the other websites that are linking to you? And you want the most powerful sites, which are usually media sites.

Now other people might have a blog, and their DR power is like 10 or 15; but if you have someone who’s like a 90 linked to you, that’s going to pass a lot of link juice.

Location Signals

So, if you are trying to attract leads in Highland Park, Colorado, and you want to be ranked for first-time home buyers, just imagine how much it would be worth to rank number one on that organically. Once you’re there, you basically lock that in.

Now, suppose you’re competing against other agents in Highland Park. What are the odds that they have any kind of media attention or they’re producing content that we are repurposing or guest posting in the way we’re talking about?

Here’s another way around that is you want to have a location signal. You want people to know that you’re in downtown Dallas, wherever the area is. So here’s the hack.

Go to any restaurant that’s near where you are, leave them a review, meet the owner, take some pictures, check-in, tag them, and then write a review saying, I really love Tom’s Pizza, or whatever it is. And then post that as a guest blog post. And, of course, the business owner would love to do that.

Now you’ve got a link from other restaurants or businesses or people that you know, say, the dry cleaner. You have friends that are local in your city, and they are linking to you. And when Google sees the other local businesses that have IP addresses in your town linking to you, that really strengthens the location signal, and it gives you SEO juice. It’s not hard to do. Your VA can do that for you.

So you only have to beat the people that you’re competing against. It’s actually really easy to beat.


So content distribution on your site, on your GMB, on your social, that’s great. But once you reach a certain point, you want to have more of your content on other people’s sites where you’re guest blogging.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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