My Favorite Ninja Hack at Josh Nelson’s 7 Figure Agency Intensive

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The 7 Figure Agency event in Miami, Florida, was a unique experience of top-performing agencies collaborating to share their knowledge and hacks. Dennis Yu and I presented our agency hack which we find to be a key contributing factor to our organization’s success through real-life examples with companies that have currently hired us for our services, not just broad references to connections.

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Yawar Siddiqui
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Seth Price
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Lyn Askin

At Content Factory, we believe in the power of collaboration and mutual promotion, as demonstrated by our Content Factory strategy. By generating and sharing content that spotlights the accomplishments and expertise of others, we not only deliver value to our audience but also foster strong relationships with those we feature. This approach leads to increased exposure, relationships, and collaboration opportunities for both our clients and our brand.

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Our team utilizes repurposing and boosting techniques to ensure the most remarkable impact possible from our content. For example, Dennis and I showed videos from Grant Cardone and Perez Hilton elevating our team and showing to real connections we make every day. Repurposing allows us to reuse content across various formats and channels, effectively reaching diverse audience segments. For example, we can transform a podcast interview into a blog post, social media post, or video, maximizing our reach and audience engagement.

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Tony Ricketts

Furthermore, boosting our content through paid advertising or leveraging our existing networks extends the content’s reach even further. Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we strategically target the right audience by creating a custom audience. Like Dennis Yu always says, “The authority of what others say, plus co-created content, is the secret to building a personal brand and company brand – especially if we repurpose those items and boost them.

By embracing the Content Factory strategy and combining it with repurposing and boosting, we at Content Factory continue to elevate others while simultaneously elevating our brand and business.

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Yesenia Nelson

Bonus Content – If you’ve heard about all the buzz around Clubhouse – learn about leveraging it to build your audience, platform and grow your agency in this amazing 7FA Podcast by Josh Nelson featuring Dennis Yu. Trust me, it’s worth your time!

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