Josh Nelson and the 7 Figure Agency have changed my life in more ways than I can count.

For over 15 years, I ran a web design and internet marketing company as a hobby, getting paid a little bit here and there, working on website design and local SEO. At no point did I ever generate more than $5,000 in any given month from my efforts.  Then one day in 2020, I saw a video by Josh Nelson and accepted his offer to read a book he wrote for digital marketing agency owners. 

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I received his book (for free, by the way). He and his business coaching and networking group, The 7 Figure Agency, took over, and he transformed my hobby into a bona fide business. 

Josh Nelson and His Two Key Business Principles

There were two key business principles that Josh reiterates throughout the book and continues to hammer home in all of his subsequent training and coaching. 

  • The first principle is that no one is an expert in every area of life, and because of that, until you work in just one niche, you will never be seen as an expert and will lack the authority to charge a premium for your services.
  • The second principle which really changed my hobby into a business is “stop taking on one-off website projects, and concentrate on only projects that generate monthly reoccurring revenue”.

My life has changed for the better in numerous ways since I first learned about Josh Nelson and joined the Seven Figure Agency Program. After selecting the niche home & kitchen remodeling and promoting monthly local SEO work over simple web development projects, not only has my business grown rapidly to generate over $25,000 in monthly reoccurring revenue, but my personal life has become more enjoyable, profitable, and satisfying. 

The group has given me invaluable support and guidance. I am now able to confidently move forward in achieving my business and personal goals. At the same time, I have made many new friends, like Josh Wheeler, who runs a white label Facebook ad company, and others who share my passion for digital marketing and helping small business owners achieve the American Dream. 

I learned all about the benefits of niching down to service a specific industry and creating the perception of authority in that industry to better serve my clients. Because I followed the program, I am now seen as an expert in marketing kitchen remodeling companies. I have been selected to speak at the industry national convention in Las Vegas (KBIS), where there will be over 60,000 live attendees.  More importantly, the relationships I’ve built in this group have contributed to helping me see opportunities and develop business skills and knowledge I didn’t even realize I was missing. 

Josh Nelson and the 7FA Conference

Josh also puts together an impressive intensive conference with like-minded people three times a year. He is so gracious to share his insights as well as those of some of the top minds in the world on digital marketing, and I have learned so much from all of them.

Josh Nelson

For example, at a recent event, I learned becoming an authority in the kitchen and home remodeling space is not limited to just putting on webinars and having a podcast. Matt Plapp and Dennis Yu opened my eyes to put a plan in motion to reach out to the top influencers in the home remodeling niche and cultivate relationships with those folks so that I can be seen as a person connected to the LIGHTHOUSE people that my prospective clients trust, and thereby that trust passes to me, and makes it easier to sell my services as a person their influencers know, like and trust. Because of this one strategy, I have closed 5 additional clients.

Josh introduced me to others who were able to support my business but also allowed me to help employ people all over the world and provide virtual assistant jobs to people that I would never have otherwise had the chance to meet and help improve their lives financially.

At the most recent 7FA conference, I learned a specific lesson that helped me quite a bit. Ben McAdam, one of the specialty coaches conducted a session teaching us how to evaluate our pricing vs our expenses.  I thought I was doing so well and then realized that I was leaving almost $4,000 a month on the table from not charging what I should so that my gross margin was always at least 66% profit.  After taking this small bit of advice, I increase my prices by $500 and closed 2 deals in the last week alone, again following the path laid out before me by Josh Nelson and his team of experts.


If you are struggling to try to run a digital marketing firm or just need help to scale your business and get out of your own way, I highly recommend joining Josh Nelson’s 7 Figure Agency. It has changed my life, and I know it can change yours too.

If you are even considering reaching out for help to grow your firm, let me talk to you about how great Josh and his crew are and how they improved my digital marketing agency and changed my life forever!