How to Power Network and Win at a Conference


When was the last time you've been to a conference?

Are you the person who's going to a conference and just wanders around trying to meet people randomly and introducing yourself over and over again, and other people are introducing themselves to you wondering when that interaction will finally drive value?

Fresh from the Traffic and Conversion Summit, Dennis' shares with you tips on how to power network and win at a conference, even if you're not a speaker and even if you're not well known including:

    • What you need to do before the event to harness maximum value(Homeworks)

    • What things you need to do at a conference to drive maximum value

    • What to do after the Event

      • Techniques on How to Stand-Out from the Crowd

      • Tips on Approaching Important People

      • Content Creation

      • Methods of maximizing content power after the Event

      And much, much more ...

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