How Smart Coat Painting Can Fix Their SEO By Leveraging Their Existing Authority

Smart Coat Painting is a painting and construction company based in Pompano Beach, Florida. They also provide specialty jobs like sand blasting, electrostatic, faux finish and waterproofing.

Unfortunately, despite their numerous positive reviews, their SEO is barely existent.

In this article we’ll be diagnosing their biggest problems and recommending easy solutions which could be implemented quickly to help.

Smart Coat Painting Has Few Authoritative Backlinks and Barely Ranks on Keywords

DR score stands for “domain ranking” and can go from 0 being a new website, to 100 being Google itself.

image 51
Smart Coat Painting’s SEO Metrics

Smart Coat clocks in at 0.2 – which means their SEO profile is barely existent.

Now, since DR is simply a measurement stick, what matters most is the backlinks and social proof which influences it.

image 59
Websites Linking to Smart Coat Painting

They only have 4 backlinks – 2 of which are No-follows. What No-follows mean is that much of the SEO juice isn’t being passed along. This is normal for local citations, but we want real authoritative domains to be linking to Smart Coat Painting.

For example, linking to them in this article from BlitzMetrics will greatly increase their authority by that alone.

For their keywords – they’re only ranking on 6.

image 56
Keywords Smart Coat Painting Ranks On

The worst part of this is that they’re in position 17 under a variation of their own name.

While people might have to go back 2-3 pages in Google to find them, there’s no reason why they should be this far back under their own name when someone is searching for their website in South Florida.

They should put a priority on listing terms like “commercial painting”, “residential painting”, and etc.

On LocalFalcon (our map tool) we can see what terms will trigger their GMB to pop up based on location and term.

For the keyword “commercial painter” we see they’re only ranking on their own location in Pompano beach and no-where else.

image 60
LocalFalcon Map Results

This means that their SEO problem is bleeding into their local ranking problem – and is even more of a reason why they should make changes sooner rather than later.

The Good News: Smart Coat Painting Has a Decent GMB

Smart Coat Painting has a GMB with over 50 reviews, many of them recent in the last week or so.

This is a good signal to Google that they do good work in their local service area, since if they didn’t, these positive reviews would slow down and stop.

image 58
Smart Coat Painting’s GMB

They also have a real business address, real images of work they’ve completed, and by all accounts do a good job of dealing with customers.

To fix their SEO problems on their website is to simply use the same authority they have in their GMB.

Everything that we recommend for website changes is to adhere closer to Google’s E-E-A-T guidance. This stands for experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

The first thing you’ll notice on their website home page is the text “Excellence In Painting and Construction” – but couldn’t this be anywhere?

image 63
Smart Coat Painting’s Home Page

What Makes Smart Coat Different From Any Painting Company in Boston or LA?

We want to tell Google (and our customers) that we are a real painting business operating out of Pompano beach. Where do you see that anywhere on this page?

As we scroll down, we see the “About Us section”.

image 64
Smart Coat Painting’s “About Us” Section on Their Website

This is a decent description of what they do, but not who they are.

In fact, if you visit their website you’ll be challenged to find any faces. The owner could be a web developer in Pakistan for all we know.

Smart Coat should make the “about us” section about them. Who founded the company? Why did they build their business? What’s so special about what they do and the relationships they’ve formed doing it?

This is the true reason for writing an “about us” section – to tell Google and your customers why you’re special and who you even are.

Smart Coat Painting Has No Local Service Pages

If you look at their menu on the top of their website, you’ll notice that their website has no local service pages which are visible.

image 54
Menu Bar For Smart Coat Painting’s Website

The reason we want to have LSPs (local service pages) is for the same reason we want to have a more personal “about us” section – to prove to Google and our customers that we’re a real business.

In addition, this helps with keywords related to the services they offer.

For example, if we wanted to rank on “Pompano Beach” – having a Pompano Beach page would certainly assist in that.

Take a look at our client Excel Concrete Coatings in Waukesha as an example.

A week ago they had no local service pages and now they’re finally beginning to rank on more keywords like Waukesha, in part due to their Waukesha LSP page.

image 62
Excel Concrete Coatings LSP Example

Smart Coat Painting should also be answering PAA questions on their home page.

PAA stands for “People Also Ask” and is featured in almost every google search results page.

For example, if I type in “residential painter” – these are the PAA questions that pop up.

image 52
Painting Google PAA Questions Being Asked

Even though I’m not a painter – how easy would it be to answer these questions if you were Smart Coat Painting?

These questions could probably be answered in under 2 minutes.

The reason why we want to answer these questions is because that feeds into the “Authority” under E-E-A-T.

You’ll also notice that if we click on one of these questions – real websites are answering them.

image 61
A Website Answering a PAA Question

Why Can’t Smart Coat Painting Be One of Them?

This can even be done with ChatGPT!

We can prompt ChatGPT with “My friend owns a Residential Painting company in Pompano Beach, Florida. Can you please suggest some Google PAA they can answer on their website to increase their SEO rankings?”

These are just some of the questions ChatGPT came up with:

image 53
ChatGPT Coming Up With PAA Questions For Smart Coat Painting To Answer

To show this example of using ChatGPT to answer PAA questions, check out the home page of our client EternaTurf, a turf installation company.

image 57
EternaTurf PAA Q/A Example

The combined effort to generate these questions and answers to post on their website took no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Smart Coat Painting Should Be Using LSA (Local Service Ads) to Get More Calls in the Door

Google service ads are the best way to generate an ROI for our local service clients in 2024. So much so that we wrote an entire guide on how to manage them.

But in short – it’s pay-per-call, meaning businesses aren’t charged unless appointments are booked.

This is a gold mine for local service business because it’s like turning on a tap and getting an endless supply of leads with almost no effort.

There are currently 72 categories of which business qualify for this service – and painting is one of them in Florida.

image 55
“Painting” Category Listed Under LSA for Florida

If they were to heavily use LSA, getting qualified calls for under $100 isn’t crazy, it’s the norm. Some of our clients are getting calls for as low as $30 in certain categories like pool cleaning.

It’s that powerful.

Smart Coat Painting Has So Much Potential for Growth

For both getting leads on the phone quickly with Local Service Ads, and by fixing up their website following Google’s E-E-A-T standards.

All of this boils down to one thing: showing overwhelming proof that Smart Coat Painting does a good job for their customers.

If they can prove that overwhelming and that there’s a face to the business, the SEO game is already won over time.

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.