Expand Your Perceived Authority

I can see how people are deeply connected with Facebook as of this moment, most especially when it comes to perceived authority.

When people notice your perceived authority, they instantly believe you without any doubts.

They will automatically think that you are good.

In my case, people think that I’m great because they see me on TV, that I must be good at Facebook ads, but they believe I might be because of perceived authority.

What are those things that create perceived authority?

Identify what you want to be known for in social media.

You should have a very good marketing strategy to achieve the most powerful way – appearing on TV.

If you’re speaking in front of a bunch of people, then that is definitely powerful.

But not all people are given the opportunity to speak in front of many, so it’s important to know what you think about yourself and your personal brand. Most of the time, it’s the people who you’re associated with that defines who you are, which determines your authority.

Produce your own one minute videos.

You’ve got to be producing these short little videos to help you stand out on social media. They got to know who you are, so keep expressing yourself on your clips.

If you want to expand your business, you need to be known to get more clients and have more coverage on social media.

What are those things that you want to be known for? 

If there are some particular topics that you want to be known for, share these stories, so they know that it’s about you. You should also have a public figure page since you have to boost your posts and run ads.

Stand out.

Be authentic and transparent; this way you could get people’s attention.

You got to punch and have a hook to get them excited. As the saying goes, “quantity beats quality.” Don’t kid yourself, and focus on your goal so you can see great results. This is how I maintain having a thousand people see my videos, making me spend a dollar a day on Facebook to promote these kinds of clips.

If the engagement rate is super high then more people are going to see it which leads to more traffic to your page. That’s exactly how the algorithm works.

Some of the videos won’t do as well as the others, that’s why I’m boosting those stuff out here for a dollar a day so that I can become better known in different areas. 

You guys can make money all day long running ads.

I would run an ad against it, create a campaign, and choose engagement. I’m going to spend $1 a day, see them, try to do a hundred dollars, try to waste my money and I’ll start for 10 days.

You guys can make money all day long running ads for people – if we’re driving to a landing page or a course or something or lead or whatever it might be, you can drive to whatever that is. Now that I have an ad running, it’s going to drive more clicks and more sales.

It’s building authority. 

When people know who you are, and who your client is, then they’re more likely going to believe anything that you have to say about that. 

Create one minute videos.

All these videos can be repurposed and boosted for a dollar a day. I can use them as lead magnets. 

When I keep pulling out these little pieces of content, then I’m constantly building my brand. 

Say if you are building your network, your knowledge, and your wheel both at the same time, then it’s surely predictable how you’re going to drive people to anything that you have.

When you engage with other people, you’ll keep on growing your business, getting more clients and creating your money.

To quicken the process of repurposing and other stuff, this is where the AI will then aid in the workforce. Videos can be summarized and cut into snippets and you can crosspost it onto various platforms.

There might be times that we may think how powerful AI is, wondering if the messages were real or not, but we shouldn’t think that way. As marketers, we have to think about how we can use this to our advantage. 

AI will be able to generate messages for your clients, depending on the tone of voice you want, and some terms you’d like to use.

Food for thought: Overcome your fear.

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not, but this is really what creates perceived authority. You want people to know your authority, and they want to know that you’re knowledgeable.

This is how you’re going to build your brand. You’ve got to overcome your fear of being self-conscious. 

We should all be making content since this is why we have things to build the system around. Capture moments like this, so that people get a sense of being on a journey with you. 

Get over your attempt at trying to be perfect. Instead, just go ahead and start making your one minute videos. 

Dennis Yu

About the Author

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is on a mission to create a million jobs.

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