Document Your Expertise and Teach Others


Are you an expert at doing something repeatedly that you're willing to teach? If it's a task that you believe can be reliably done by others on a repeating basis, then we'd like to put that task in our marketplace (SPP), linked to the related training.


Incentive Program

a. We pay a bonus of $200 for every new task that you upload that Dennis will approve-- though the real reward is seeing other people find employment. We have training on how to document how to do a task-- which is simply a Zoom, Loom, or me interviewing you step-by-step.

b. We pay another $300 if we can get 3 people to successfully do that task without intervention.

c. We pay another $500 if 3 external customers give us 5 stars on that task being done by workers other than you in our marketplace (SPP).

Additional Bonus: There will be a revshare to you every time that task is completed in the marketplace, so you have an incentive to keep the training current and ensure our international workers are successful.


#1. There should be demonstrated expertise. You should have done the task yourself many times which makes you an expert at it.

#2. The task should be something that can be done over and over (repeatable) by others.

#3. You should be willing to document the steps following our process in documenting tasks so that others can learn from you.

#4. You should be able to upload the task to the marketplace (SPP) that is linked to our training.

#5. You should update the documentation continuously.

Documenting a Task

Learn how to document a task the right way by visiting the page, How to Document a Task.


Are you ready to share your knowledge, create jobs, and earn together?

If you enjoyed this tutorial, then check our Task Library, where you can learn how to get a thousand other things done!

Verification Checklist

The documented task must meet the following criteria:

#1. The guide includes a checklist at the beginning of the page.

#2. The checklist includes the tools, tips, URLs, and login information that are needed to help complete the task.

#3. The process is broken down into a sufficient number of steps to make the process easier to understand and follow.

#4. The guide includes an abundance of screenshots (with highlights) to provide a visual reference.

#5. All the anchored text (clickable text) leads to the intended pages or documents.

#6. The guide includes links to Content Factory pages and other related media available in our collection.

#7. There is a reference to the Task Library with a clickable link at the bottom section of the guide.

#8. There is a verification checklist at the end of the guide.

#9. You have checked the document for errors in spelling, grammar, formatting, and consistency.

#10. The title has been checked for proper capitalization.

#11. There is an instructional video for the task being documented.