Creating Hooks is the best Strategy to Rank your Video

You might be wondering where can I find the best way to make hook designers create them. We have a list of hooks that are inside the course.

And I think it’s in the content section where we’re talking about 15-second videos and the essential parts of the hook. 

Creating hooks is the best strategy to rank your video.

Here’s the dirty little secret. I’m not on TikTok as a consumer, and I’m there basically just to run ads on other people’s stuff. So whenever I see someone who says something great, I’m like, wow, that’s awesome.

I want to run ads against tiktok

And if I see something on Facebook or I see something on YouTube, I want to repurpose that into a cell phone-styled video. 

So, the beauty of repurposing the idea of the greatest hits or amplifying what’s already working is to take those highlight moments from other stories and recreate them as selfie-style videos that you do in 15 seconds.

We’ve got our book on how to do TikTok, but if you do a good job, invariably, you will want to tune into those ads.

You have to repurpose TikTok on Facebook. You want to turn those into articles you want and do other things beyond just TikTok, and that’s great.

The TikTok ads score about TikTok. But do you want to go further than that? So we’re just giving you a couple of months of this.

And if you like it, keep going, you know, love to have you totally up to you.

Me, Sharing my expertise

Different ways to make a hook

There are so many different ways to make hooks. And the easiest way is to say the one best tip, or I bet you didn’t know this, or I remember what happened to, so and so when John bra told me this, you won’t believe what happened when John bra told me this, what did he say?

Well, he said, where can I find the best ways to make hooks? You know, whatever it might be. Right.

So 15-second videos are all about the hooks. 

We did an episode. I want to say it was a week ago when we went through that three-part framework. 

Here’s you know the hook, which is to get their attention, the body, which is, you’re saying something about that, sharing some expertise and then the call to action book, a call with me, find out more, you know, sign up for my thing, whatever it might be.

And it’s, it’s all templated. 

So our 15-second video course is one course within this Perry Marshall thing. 

But since you’re in office hours, you also get our one-minute video course, which is similar to the 15-second video course but connects with people and co-creates content tied to your brand, these pieces.

Okay. John says, how do you connect with other big names like you have? And the topic wheel will be easy. 

You reach out to them, or other people introduce you. 

There’s no magic. 

And many of my friends who are top podcasters have interviews. Whoever you name it, they’ve interviewed them.

They reach out and say, here’s the tip. I would love to interview you on my podcast about such and such former guests.

Let’s say you want to connect with someone who’s a figurehead that’s hard to reach, like a grant card owner or something.

Then you would say, Hey, Grant, I like what you said last week about such and such.

And I’d like to interview you on my podcast. It’ll be 20 minutes. I’ll make the very best use of your time. And I guarantee you’ll get a hundred thousand views on the podcast.

So even if you have not interviewed anybody and it’s brand new, I guarantee a hundred thousand views on the podcast. Just have you or your assistant click the book of time with me, and I’ll make it worth you.

So the way you guarantee a hundred thousand views is you boost the post. You boost it on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

You might have to spend a couple of hundred dollars, but it’s worth it. And so that gets a pretty high acceptance rate. 

Will it always work? 

Maybe, whatever sorts of people are harder to get, have someone one level below. And you’d be surprised how often people will say yes to you if you do that.

But you have to personalize the first part, the whole point of a hook, or the intro, and you have to say, Hey, I really like what your article or you made this post on LinkedIn inspired me about this one thing.

I would love to have you on my podcast to talk about this.

If you personalize the first part, show that you’re serious. You have a process. You won’t waste their time,

And I’m going to guarantee 10,000 views or a hundred thousand views, and they’ll say, “Yes.”

Dennis Yu

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Dennis Yu
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