Are You a Content Wrangler? Help us manage our VAs and high profile clients– and build the “Content Factory”

content factory

We’re building the “Content Factory“. 

Workers who are trained to do their particular tasks (VAs) are managed by managers who have learned how to do it themselves first before attempting to coach or manage.

We are allowing anyone to come in to learn and qualify, as you’ll see from Googling my name (Dennis Yu) + Rehan Allawala, DigitalMarketer, and so forth.

Descript is our favorite tool since we can edit videos as easily as Google Docs– plus a whole host of amazing AI-driven features.

This allows us to repurpose (cross-post) content to multiple channels, especially our blogs, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.  Here is a digital marketer content factory video where I explain how the various tools work together in the process I’d like your help in building.

We’ve already documented a couple of dozen content tasks– mainly taking long-form video (podasts and Zooms), running them through Descript, posting to multiple channels, and then boosting that content.

You can see /virtual-assistant on my site (Content Factory) for the current (weak) state of our documentation of how we do it, how to do each type of task, and so forth.

Most of the how-to knowledge is tied up in Basecamp, our project management system.  But in order for this content to move to the web, we need someone reliable and competent to move it to the right places.

If you have a strong understanding of what I’ve sketched out above, demonstrate this convincingly in your response. Show me you understand #LDT (learn, do, teach) to help teach others how to process content, starting with our own example.

You don’t have to live in the US or even work standard hours, but you must be speedy and organized– since there are many moving parts to keep track of here.  

You must be able to work in teams— as opposed to needing to be tightly managed or work solo. Great individual virtual-assistants often struggle in teams because they don’t know how to balance between roles. So we teach this.

If you don’t know how to manage or haven’t used Descript, WordPress, LearnDash, etc… that’s okay.  A great team member learns quickly.  And we practice what we preach.

Mainly, I want you to help us build out the Task Library that undergirds the dozens of courses we have.  All our assets are in the Asset Tracker, which then links to respective basecamp projects.

We will hire a few people here– so you could come in at a senior, regular, or junior role– depending on your proven capability.

Looking forward to hearing from you and growing together.