Zach Reece: Getting To Know the Man Behind Colony Roofers

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Zach Reece

Zach Reece is the Chief Operating Officer of Colony Roofers, a highly successful Atlanta-based roofing business serving residential and commercial clients. 

Zach’s mission as an entrepreneur is two-fold. He dedicates his time both to running a highly successful roofing business and to providing financial advice and guidance to business owners and entrepreneurs.  

As the Chief Operating Officer of Colony Roofers, Zach helps homeowners, property managers, and general contractors receive high-quality roofing systems through a professional, client-driven roofing experience. 

As a former CPA and VP of Finance, Zach helps business owners and entrepreneurs optimize their services and customer experiences by delivering guidance and expertise in marketing, technology adaptations, and finance.

Get to Know Zach Reece

Zach K. Reece was born May 1, 1991, in Atlanta, GA. He is the son of Kevin and Lesli Reece and has four siblings: an older sister, Catherine, and three younger siblings, Bennet, Jennifer, and Jay. 

Zach grew up in Atlanta and attended Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Sandy Springs, GA. In high school, Zach played on his school’s varsity tennis team and earned four varsity letters. 

After graduation, Zach attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where he played on the men’s tennis team. He then transferred to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2015. Zach has also received a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification from NASBA.  

In 2015, Zach began working as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, a professional services network in Atlanta. He spent the next three years consulting at Deloitte before becoming the Vice President of Finance for Guided Capital in July 2018. He remained in this position until January 2021. 

Zach became the owner of Colony Roofers, a full-service residential and commercial roofing company in Atlanta, in July 2018. Zach now serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Colony Roofers.

Zach’s Achievements and Professional Highlights

Zach has understood the power of hard work and the reward that comes with it from a young age, saying that he “only know[s] full-speed and overdrive.” 

During high school, Zach was a lead player on his school’s varsity tennis team. He helped his team to the state quarterfinals all four years of high school and assisted in their regional championship placement in 2008. 

Since his high school days, Zach has worked hard to continually improve himself professionally and personally. After achieving a notable position as the VP of Finance at a prominent investment company, Zach built a successful roofing business and now leads an exceptional team of roofing experts. 

Colony Roofers has completed over 3,000 roofing jobs since 2018 and has received numerous awards and achievements, such as:


Zach never planned to enter the roofing industry, but when presented with the opportunity, he dove into his new business venture with enthusiasm and dedication. His hard work as COO has led to Colony Roofer’s impressive accolades and positive reputation among clients. 

Zach’s Contributions and Publications

Zach has contributed to numerous publications in the business sector. You can find his ideas and words on entrepreneurial websites like:

Zach and his business, Colony Roofers, have also been featured in news publications such as:

Zach has also written finance articles for publications like Medium

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Zach’s Life, Business, and Personal Expertise

Throughout his career as a senior consultant, VP of Finance, and Chief Operating Officer, Zach has developed a high level of expertise in finance and business management. He has become a mentor for other business owners, providing guidance as a guest writer for various online publications. 

Zach is also well-versed in the importance of adopting new technology to streamline a business’s process and enhance its services for customers. Recently, he wrote a guide for roofing contractors titled “Using Technology to Deal With Supply Chain Issues,” in which he states that his team is a leader in Atlanta in regards to implementing new technology. 

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Aside from helping other entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals, Zach is passionate about curating an exceptional experience for his roofing clients. He takes a feedback-led approach to his business, stating, “Such a focus will ensure that customer experiences are driven by the need to add value to the customer, rather than the company’s desire to make fancy products or services.”

When Zach decides to take on a new role or project, he dives head-first into the task. His industry experience, innovative business techniques, and commitment to quality have led him to become one of Atlanta’s most admirable entrepreneurs.

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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