Why you should have your own Google My Business Profile even if you’re part of another business

Maria Elena Duron is a marketing coach and a Google trainer. On Coach Yu Show, she shared some vital information about Google My Business Profile and how she is helping small businesses with their digital marketing.

I asked her a couple of questions about Google tools, and this is what she had to say:

Let’s say I am a mortgage broker and one part of a chain with dozens of other people like me. Should each of us have a Google My Business profile? 

Yes, because even if you leave that brokerage or real estate firm and go somewhere else, you will still want people to do business with you.

Even though you may be fantastic with your team, with great camaraderie and relationship, at the end of the day, you want to earn business. For example, there are times when an actual firm or the owner of the firm will own the location.

Even if you are working with a firm, you can still have a business profile on Google Search and Maps. So you can show that you’re at that address designating specific suites.

However, there might be a realtor with a brokerage that understands where empty nesters are or where people love to retire and invest, maybe in rental homes.

Maybe you’re a realtor who’s good at understanding the school districts and what the strengths are at the different schools. So, when people are looking for realtors, now you will show up.

Let’s say five of us realtors are part of a more prominent broker, and we’re in different cities in LA, but we don’t have a physical office. Should we still create a Google My Business Profile?

Yes. Enter their physical address to be able to get a postcard. It looks like a W2 with perforations on the sides. Look for the confirmation code there. Once confirmed, unpublish the address and show that you serve the area. Setting up your business profile allows you to say, 

  • Yes, I want people to come to my location, or 
  • No, I deliver at their address or their location. 

Select the second option. Even though your location is a county in Los Angeles, Orange County, maybe you’re just in the West Lake Village area. Wherever you are, you can designate that, but you can get confirmed and verified.

Once that happens, you can at least show that you serve the area. When people are looking for realtors in Westlake Village or Simmy Valley, or somewhere in the area you’re at now, you will show up.

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Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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