What’s It Like to Spend a Couple of Days in Vegas with Dennis Yu?

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Dennis Yu and Parker Nathans at Dennis’ office in Las Vegas, NV

A year ago Dennis Yu invited me to fly out to Vegas from a cold email.

It was my one and only cold email campaign I’ve ever launched.

Surprisingly – he said yes without hesitation. In retrospect, this is probably because he knew he didn’t need my help, but wanted to help me instead. But because we were going to run a Dollar a Day webinar, he invited me to fly out to Vegas to do it in person!

The webinar performance was mediocre to put it mildly. All-in-all about $25k was generated. We were aiming closer to $80k-$100k.

That plane ride home was disappointing – I thought I lost a valuable connection due to the lackluster performance, partly due to technical issues on things I should’ve corrected beforehand.

A few months later he invited me back to Vegas to work on other projects.

I’ve traveled to Vegas to work with Dennis 6 times since then.

So the question is – what’s it like spending time in Las Vegas with Dennis Yu?

Be prepared to work and eat sushi.

I’m a healthy 25 year old and I’m confident Dennis Yu has more energy than I do. I suspect it’s due to the Kaqun Oxygen Baths he swears by.

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Dennis Yu at Kaqun Oxygen Bath Facility

By 9 AM he’s on his laptop sending emails, putting out fires, and conducting digital audits of local service businesses. All of which is done straight on the main table at his house. He rarely works from his studio and mostly uses it to record content.

During that time he’ll have small conversations with you on business related topics. Abig one for me was him convincing me to start a personal website under my own name.

Afterwards, he’ll grab something quick and small to eat for lunch. Maybe some leftover pork in the fridge or something he can air fry.

If you’re in Vegas with Dennis – he’ll try to inject fun as often as possible. Especially if you’ve been glued to your laptop all day.

This is usually in the form of a show on the Vegas Strip or some new exhibit that came to town.

Screenshot 2024 03 28 at 12.32.24 AM 1
Performance on the Las Vegas Strip

For a man who works harder than I’ve ever seen another person work it’s almost superhuman how he balances fun experiences with work.

Dennis wants to make sure you have a fun time by any means necessary, so long as the work is getting completed.

Dennis brings his laptop everywhere and never wastes a moment.

Don’t be shocked if he takes out his laptop and start replying to emails while you’re Ubering around with him. He doesn’t waste time when he could be working.

That doesn’t mean he can’t stop when it’s time to have fun or entertain. Just that he’s either “in the zone” or he’s not.

During the day he’ll probably invite you to SkyZone in Las Vegas where he’ll play basketball. Watching a small asian man like Dennis dunk on 6’2 college kids is always hilarious. Expect a fierce basketball game. And if Dennis is on your team – expect to win.

IMG 7564
Dennis Yu at SkyZone in Las Vegas, NV

If not SkyZone, he’ll invite you out on a walk or hike.

He’s incredibly active so if you’re slow, don’t be surprised if he beats you to the top of a mountain if you decide to hike. Don’t be surprised if he beats you in a race around his neighborhood either.

Screenshot 2024 03 28 at 12.41.39 AM
Me and Dennis climbing up a mountain in Henderson, NV outside Las Vegas

What about going out to eat?

You’ll never eat more all-you-can-eat sushi than when you’re with Dennis in Las Vegas.

That or Brazilian BBQ, he’ll make sure you get the best Vegas has to offer in Little Tokyo or to the small Mexican restaurant that has 5 stars on Google, yet no-one knows about.

Did you know you can get all-you-can-eat sushi for $30 in one of the best sushi spots in the country?

I didn’t, but it was worth every penny.

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All-you-can-eat sushi in Las Vegas

Dennis prefers filming content at night, so after dinner he’ll invite you back to his house to record podcasts, interviews, or VSLs.

If you’re not exhausted already, you will be after 3 hours of non-stop content filming in Dennis’ home studio. You can expect impromptu podcasts accompanied by a pineapple smoothie he’ll freshly make for the both of you.

The night time filming makes sense since you don’t have the light from outside shining in. It makes the glare non-existant, and usually results in a higher quality image.

He might ask you to flip on a light for his lightbox and press a few buttons in a very particular order to make sure everything is perfect.

After a long day it can be a lot so be prepared!

Don’t be surprised if he leaves the next day on a 16 hour flight.

Despite an exhausting day by most standards, Dennis will probably start packing immediately after for a flight the next morning.

I estimate he’s only in Las Vegas for about half the year.

Otherwise, he’s flying to visit friends, flying to conferences to speak, or flying to business partners to work on other projects.

But if Dennis Yu invites you to Las Vegas – you have to say yes.

IMG 7570
Dennis Yu and Parker Nathans in Downtown Tampa, FL
IMG 4362
Dennis Yu and Parker Nathans speaking in Curacao
IMG 7571
Dennis Yu and Parker Nathans listed to speak in Dubai

Here’s the entire podcast:

Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans
Parker Nathans is an entrepreneur and founder of Analytic Aim, a digital marketing agency specializing in getting more calls booked for local service businesses.