Watch out for fraudulent SEO experts

I got hit up by some guy named “David Smith” (which is a suspect name– hard to find him). His website is legalfirmseo dot com, but you can’t find it when you search for it:

Screen Shot 2022 04 02 at 12.29.06 AM

So naturally, I take a look at the SEO of this legal SEO firm:

Screen Shot 2022 04 02 at 12.32.31 AM

A bunch of zeros.
No organic traffic, no SERP features, no inbound links we can find, and a DA3.

Hey, if you are new to SEO and starting out as an SEO agency, that’s totally fine.

There is so much you can learn from the industry pros.

You can contribute content to Search Engine Land, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and all the well-known SEO blogs.

But what is not okay is pretending you’re an SEO expert, playing upon lawyers who don’t know how to tell who actually knows SEO or not.

We’re not saying SEO is a scam— rather, it’s completely measurable. You can measure content production, inbound link generation, organic traffic to the site, leads from the organic traffic, and so forth.

Your SEO consultant should clearly lay out a plan of what they’re doing–then hold themselves accountable to it. You could even audit your SEO consultant, which drives them mad that you can learn how to use tools like Semrush and Ahrefs in just a few minutes to expose them.

Be transparent with your clients, instead of selling snake oil.

Would you take swimming lessons from a “swim coach” who has never been in the pool before?

Final thoughts: nothing wrong with being a new SEO consultant and wanting to learn the ropes. But if you publicly attack someone who has been in the SEO space a long time, you might get outed.

This “David Smith” fellow– we can’t even find him online. Or maybe his name is “John White”. He needs some help to build up his personal brand with SEO, like here:

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
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