Why VAs and Checklists are KEY to Scaling Small Businesses

The biggest opportunity in digital is local– local businesses are easy to service and are easy to get. These dollars come from retail stores, hair salons, attorneys, etc. 

We believe that, in a few years, digital marketing will be replaced with  LOCAL MARKETING. 

But this shift is not here yet. 

Why do businesses need digital marketing?

The demand side is ignorant. 

Most businesses don’t know anything about digital marketing. 

For local business owners, it is a complete GAMBLE TO INVEST IN DIGITAL MARKETING. 

Right now, we know that 80% understand the importance of digital marketing, but only 10% are doing it. Why? It’s because they don’t trust the system. They don’t know how to measure the return on investment (ROI) coming from these digital platforms. 

Why aren’t business owners buying into digital marketing? 

There is no clear standard nor a clear path to success for them.

If you go to university, you earn a degree that builds trust. 

Just like a medical doctor who has a legitimate degree and operates on patients, we trust that they are going to save lives. Same goes for pilots who we don’t know, but we trust that they’re not going to crash the plane. 

So with the demand, people will only be willing to spend money if they trust that there is some sort of certification, badge, or diploma.

Who is the clear leader in digital marketing? Who has the authority to say that this is the standard?

To have authority in this digital marketing space, you have to be a THIRD PARTY. 

Some of the most prominent players right now are:

Currently, no other agency has a stronger publishing presence nor a personal relationship with those people than BlitzMetrics. No one’s even close, and anyone who is close is already our friend, and they support the mission we have.

Other players, such as influencers, are usually a one-person show. They don’t have a team. They don’t have a process. They don’t have adequate resources, the power or inclination, nor the desire to put up forces and teach, create jobs, and build systems. Not one of these influencers is an engineer who builds systems.

So we have almost a monopoly on the demand side.

Who is on the supply side?

  • Agencies
  • Specialists
  • Freelancers
  • Virtual Assistants

Among all these, we believe that VAs are the top driver and are more sustainable, as they will treat this as a career. 

The supply will be coming from the VAs who have been trained up via what they’ve learned directly on execution in Google and Facebook, and receive a respected certification that carries value among other business owners in their category.

How will the demand and supply connect?

We believe that it will be more sustainable if the trained VAs do the job on processes that they’ve embraced, as they get better over the years in training and experience, practice what they’ve learned, and understand that it works as part of the system – have access to the demand side. 

All those different business groups trust whoever the prominent figureheads are; who run those groups, who run the conferences, who are in charge of those email newsletters, and who are in charge of all that traffic.

We have access to every single one of them. We speak at the conferences, and we’re a faculty. We’ve been the prominent figureheads in several business categories. 

And that creates the MARKETPLACE, where the VAs and the business owners meet– where the demand and supply are connected.

Why are our VAs, system, and processes the KEY to scaling small businesses?

The bottleneck in satisfying the demand is actually the supply side on the VAs and the specialists. The thing that is preventing the VAs and specialists from growing is the lack of sufficient training. So if you trace this entire bottleneck back, it will go back to the systems and processes.

We believe it is effortless to develop these systems and processes as long as we follow a checklist, using expertise, being a part of a team, and where we rely on other people who have different skills, so we can also deliver results.

Those results can then be measurable in terms of ROI, and the profit that we will be making can then be invested in building better systems and processes, as well as paying our people.

And the demand will trust the supply because we have already built a process, where VAs and specialists are trained up and obtain certifications on specific skills that they can nurture. Then they can learn, do, and teach (#LDT) these skills and unlock more and more tasks– tasks that will eventually allow them to build their own team, or even their own business, where they manage multiple projects that deliver the same quality results to those on the demand side.

Dennis Yu

About the Author

Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu is on a mission to create a million jobs.

He is the host of the CoachYu show, a digital marketing certification program that partners together with industry professionals just like doctors, engineers, and teachers where people can get trained and have a job at the same time.

He has been building brands and teaching marketing for over 13 years.

Specializes in helping young adults to grow into the leaders of tomorrow, by confidently developing their marketing skills through training programs and seminars with enterprise clients like The Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.

He developed the Technology Partner for Digital Marketing Agencies and Personal Brands. A RevShare Partnership Program that enables growing companies to stay competitive.

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Dennis is an internationally acclaimed speaker in Facebook Marketing who has spoken countless times in 17 countries, spanning five continents including keynote events at L2E, PubCon, Digital Agency Expo, Marketo Summit, and B2C Growth & Innovation Virtual Summit.

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