The Power of Role-Play in your Communication

Most people, whether they’re running an agency, they’re running a business or they’re working at some company, can’t speak clearly and in this episode, we covered different situations practicing by our own direct example because we are a strong believer that you can’t teach what you don’t know how to do yourself.

So we role-played how to Introduce guests on a podcast, Introduce new team members, Open an Event, and much more!

We believe that introduction is something that you do many times per day and if you can master this one thing to be able to introduce other people, then you’re gonna do well. Toastmasters is a platform that prepares you to speak and get comfortable with speaking but did you know that you can practice by Role-Playing and its equally as powerful?

So let’s begin:

Opening an Event

Need help with How you can run a live workshop event? Here is another episode of Office Hour that talks about that. 

Introducing a guest that we’re going to interview. 

Say something positive so that you establish his authority as someone who’s worth listening to, and also say something that establishes a personal connection between you two. 

Breaking the ice in an interview. 

So that’s an example of an icebreaker where she’s new and you’ve never talked before. Below are the steps:

  • establish a connection 
  • Interview for the skill, but also make sure your interviewee feels comfortable so don’t put too much pressure 
  • Establish to the person you are interviewing that they are also interviewing the company.
  • Lighten the situation. Say a thing or two of what you know about the person. It shows that you have done a little bit of research and that shows a sign of respect. Most people don’t prepare for meetings and it shows through.

I consider the ability to hire other people more important than your ability directly to do any task. Hiring is a more powerful skill than direct digital marketing, and it is tricky to hire the right people. To be able to get them in the right situation, to be able to ask the right questions, to determine whether they have the skill versus whether they just say they have the skill, look at whether there’s gonna be a cultural fit.

Need help with not only interviewing but the overall process of hiring? Here is the VA Hiring Guide that includes the step-by-step process, you need to have amazing virtual assistants for your brand and company.

To test whether people are paying attention and how they deal with stress.

The closeout

This is also a transition, and it can be the end of a podcast, the end of an interview, or the end of a meeting.

In summary, 

Monitor all encounters

Monitor how many times “ah”  “ums”, “you know”, or filler words are being used because until you notice it, you don’t realize it.

“Ums” and “Ahs” happen when you don’t have your next thought and your mouth is still moving. That’s what makes those noises so think and complete sentences you won’t ever have “ums” or “ahs”.

  • Be mentally prepared. 
  • Slowed down
  • Pause between sentences

Because you might think that when you see people who are really good at what they do, especially when you’re a spectator in the audience, it just looks really easy and that’s the mark of someone who’s good at what they’re doing. It looks really easy, and then you try to do it and you find out that its not as easy as it looks.

And I can tell you, once you guys have this mastered, you can get an entire production line of people. You can generate leaders in your organization internally, people can help you with every part of your business–forward-facing, sales, operations, marketing, you name it. Once you guys get people trained on how to communicate effectively, we have a dynamite organization.

Your communication skill is more important than any direct skill you have. When you’re improving your communication ability, you’re multiplying across everything. 

You see how important it is to be able to be around other people who are pro-level communicators. When you’re around them, they naturally just ooze into your brain and improve your ability subconsciously.

How much value would it be to your business just to improve a little bit? Every time that you introduce somebody or you have a podcast, you have a meeting, or you have a discussion on where to go to dinner with your spouse, that’s another opportunity to practice your communication skills. So I encourage you, Practice!

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